Yankee Candle Review: Car Vent Sticks

Yankee Candle Car Vent Sticks
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A nice punch of scent to keep your car smelling fresh and to satisfy the scent addict in you. This particular fragrance was Autumn Leaves.

Leave it to Yankee Candle to come up with another fun way for us scent addicts to get our fix.


I had just about made it through my local Yankee Candle store without impulse buying everything in sight. In fact I was feeling pretty content with my meager assortment of melts in their new fall fragrances as I approached the checkout. Then, darn it, I glanced to the right and got ambushed by a display of these neat looking Car Vent Sticks.

Normally I’d be able to pass the car fresheners with no problem. We’ve all tried those fragrance soaked cardboard car fresheners that dangle from the mirror. While those are okay, I’ve never had much luck with that style. They always seem too strong when I first open them and then quickly lose scent after the first day or two. After that I’m left with a piece of hanging cardboard swinging around in front of my face, taunting me for another month. If I had seen that style, I could have easily gotten out of the store without a single impulse buy…but that’s not what happened.

I saw these sleek little stick air fresheners that clip right onto the car’s air vent…and they were on sale! I knew I was a goner. The Car Vent Sticks came in a nice variety of scents…lots of summer favorites and even some fall classics. The sticks were sold four to a package. Some of the autumn scented Car Vent Sticks had decorative shapes of pumpkins, turkeys, or leaves on the ends, about the size of a charm. After way too much consideration, I finally opted for the Autumn Leaves scented sticks with the standard charm-sized Yankee Candle decoration on the ends.

As soon as I got in the car, I had the package opened and a Car Vent Stick out and ready for action. All I had to do was clip one to my air vent and I was instantly rewarded with the smell of that old favorite, Autumn Leaves. You’re all candle veterans so you don’t need me to tell you what Yankee Candle’s Autumn Leaves smells like…that strong woodsy birch mixed with juniper berry and maple leaves. One stick in the vent was good, but I figured if one is good, two is even better. After all, it’s August and I’m in Florida. It takes a lot to make it feel like autumn around here. Besides, having one in the vent facing me and another in the vent facing my passenger seat ensured an even distribution of scent…it’s all very scientific. 😀
Well, it’s going on two weeks now and I still get a nice punch of fragrance every time I get in the car. Then the air conditioner kicks on and I get another strong whiff of Autumn Leaves. After a minute or so the scent fades to a more mellow level or maybe I just get more accustomed to it. Either way, I am so pleased with these little wonders, I’m heading back to Yankee Candle for more Car Vent Sticks . I don’t ever want to go back to an unscented car again. Two thumbs way up from this happy driver.

Clue1 – Michigan based company


Author: Julia Wooten

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