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More money for less wax that just doesn't live up to its promises.


Have you seen the ads yet for Yankee Candle’s new Easy Clean Jar Wax Melts?  They are little melts shaped like Yankee Candle jars and they are available in the rainbow of Yankee fragrances.  According to Yankee Candle, these are a new formula wax melt that pops right out of the melter after it’s cooled.  My first thought..harumph! Palm wax?  I emailed Yankee Candle’s most excellent customer service and was assured that the melts are not palm wax but in fact are a special new blend of paraffin wax.  Along with the new formula comes a new price tag and it’s pretty steep for a wax melt.  At $2.49 each, these melts had better bring something new to the melter.

I picked up a couple of the new Jar Melts to find out for myself what they were all about.  Choosing the scent was easy.  While in the store, I got a good whiff of Yankee’s Super Sweet Pumpkin swirl candle and felt that familiar tug-of-war between “want” and “need”.  Leaving that swirl jar behind was tough but the candle was a combination of Buttercream and Pumpkin Buttercream scents, so I chose to sample the new Jar Melts in these two fragrances.Yankee-Jar-Melts  Mixology 101…melt them side by side and voila…Super Sweet Pumpkin recreated.

For the record, the fragrance was amazing!  Double buttercream and a baked pumpkin blended.  It was out of this world and I must have more, more, more!  ‘Nuff said.  The question is, how do the Jar Melts perform and is .08 ounce of wax worth two and a half bucks?

The fragrance throw was on par with a standard Yankee Candle melt.  I melted a regular Buttercream scented melt prior Yankee-Jar-Closeto testing these new Jar Melts and I noticed no difference in strength.  The wax looked very similar to that of the standard melt.  It was easy to break in half and had a crumbly texture just like the standard melts.  Both types of melts promised up to eight hours of fragrance, though the “new” melt is .02 ounces lighter than the standard Yankee tart.  The only differences so far, besides the shape,were the smaller size and the higher price.  I was beginning to feel ripped off!

Clean up is the big selling point with these new melts. Yankee Candle suggests that I let the melt cool at least two hours before popping the wax out of the melter.  Two hours, people!  That’s an eternity for a 24/7 scent addict who usually just pours out the old wax while it’s still hot, but I did as instructed for the sake of all humanity.

While I waited, I thought about all of the creative ways that we wax melters have gotten our melts out of the bowls over the years. We cool them in the fridge or freezer and then pop the wax out.  We pour the wax out while it’s still hot.  We cool then reheat the melt bowl slightly and slide the melt out.  There are even some pretty fancy knife tricks that we use to lift that wax out.  Would we pay someone .50 cents per melt to remove it from the melter for us? Ah, now that’s the question.

Two hours later…

I couldn’t wait to see this new wax wonder.  Drumroll…….and nothing.  You’d think the melt would pop right out, but it didn’t.  I could see that the wax had loosened from the melter’s edges, but when I tried to press it out with my thumbs it didn’t budge.  My theory is that my melter shape was more flat than a Yankee melter bowl and physics took over.  I turned the bowl upside down and tapped it.  Yankee-Wax-CooledNothing.  Finally I used the edge of a butter knife to lift the wax out of the melter.  Sound familiar?  It lifted out in one clean disk of wax.

I can see how an easy clean feature might be handy for the hanging melters.  Getting the wax out from between those little chains can certainly be tricky. There are also those few melt bowls that don’t have a smooth inside surface, which makes removing wax difficult. Perhaps the Jar Melts would be a good match for those.  I’m grasping at straws here.

All in all, I was not impressed by the new Jar Melts compared to Yankee Candle’s regular wax melts.  My prediction is that the Yankee Candle town won’t be big enough for both of them and one style of melt could be phased out.  If that were to happen, I’d want to keep the standard style melts, and run the Jar Melts out of town!

If Yankee Candle really wants to help a girl out, they could redesign the pain-in-the-neck shrink wrap packaging.  What I could really use is an easy open Yankee melt.  Give me a melt that I can easily pop into the melter, not pop out, and then we can talk about $2.49 a piece.



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Author: Julia Wooten

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  1. Thanks for the review, Jules. At $2.50 per tart, I’ll keep sticking them in my freezer. The jar shape is super cute, though — I’ve never been that huge a fan of the scallop shape.

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