Soy or Paraffin: Which candle wax do you prefer?

My first candles from back in the day were made from paraffin candle wax. That’s what I came to know and love and for many years, that’s all I burned. A few years ago, I became addicted discovered wax melts. That’s when soy wax candles hit the market and I really started to learn about the differences between soy and paraffin. I’ve since spent time melting and burning all different kinds of waxes – soy, paraffin, parasoy (varying combinations of paraffin and soy) and other types of waxes less frequently (like palm wax).

There is a LOT of debate about the different kinds of waxes – the benefits, the pitfalls, the health concerns, environmental sustainability. Even colorful burning candlesperformance and throw issues are hotly debated (no pun intended!). Personally, I found enjoyment from all types of candles. I can’t say I’m strictly a paraffin gal or someone who will only burn/melt soy. I love the “clean” burn of soy. I love the throws I get from paraffin. And parasoy? I often find that the best of both worlds. Also it depends to me on the candlemaker – some just seem to know how to master the type of wax they are working with.

Of course, I don’t make candles and the opinions of chandlers certainly may vary based on their own experiences. That’s what I learned while reading this interesting article on What I found most interesting, though, were the comments. Be sure to read on over to page two of the comment section. It gets lively!

Which wax do you prefer?

Happy candle burning ~

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Author: Avery Jordan

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  1. So far my favorite type of wax to use in my warmers are a Paraffin blend. I find the scent throw is just stronger and lasts a long time just from one wax melt/tart. I can re-melt the wax in the warmer up to 2-3 days. In my opinion, the Soy wax melts I have tried from several reputable companies just don’t have the scent throw or the lasting power I am looking for in a melt/tart. This is just my opinion and what I prefer. I know there are many out there that will strongly debate the differences between the types of wax out there. They are all entitled to there opinion and should melt what they feel comfortable with.

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  2. I agree, Yolanda. I think it is a very personal choice with no “right or wrong” answer. I mostly enjoy parasoy blends.

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