Wax Melt Review: Wolfsbane Bites, The Bathing Garden

The Bathing Garden, Wolfsbane Bites
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Review Summary:

A delicious buttery cookie with sweet minty notes

Wolfsbane Bites is one of the clamshell wax melts I purchased during one of the restocks at The Bathing Garden. I bought it more for the name than anything. I’m unsure of the reason behind the name Wolfsbane Bites, but I do know there is a flowering plant referred to as wolfsbane (aconitum). It is also referred to as “the queen of poisons,” as it is a highly poisonous plant. Since this purchase was made near Halloween time, I’m going to go with that.

The wax clamshell melt was adorably adorned. The wax was an off-white color and it was decorated with green and gold beads (jojoba beads?). The wax was soft and the cubes were easy to break apart. The cold sniff was minty and refreshing.

Rich holiday cookies, butter, and Moroccan mint.

I used 2 cubes of this wax melt in a medium sized room (bulb melter with a 40W bulb). The scent throw was almost immediate. I noticed the soft, sweet minty smell first and then that was enveloped by a crisp, buttery cookie scent. I am not overly fond of mint scents, but this was a good blend. The mint was not overpowering – it was more of a compliment for a delicious bakery cookie scent. I thought the scent throw was great – it filled a medium sized room with no problem. the-bathing-garden-wolfsbane-bites-one-cube-wax-melt-candle

This was a good scent with a good throw that I would probably purchase again. It was different than a lot of other scents I have been melting lately, so it was a welcome change.

Have you tried melts from The Bathing Garden?

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Author: Andrea

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  1. Never tried the Bathing Garden. They are on my vendor list to try. Your wax clam shell is really pretty! The name of it is Wolfsbane bite does sound kinda Halloweenish but the scent description sounds really good! I love cookie scents!

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    • I think I ordered this wax melt right before Halloween, so the scent went along with the season.

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  2. I have not tried the Bathing Garden. It sounds like an interesting blend though as usually cookie blends are just that cookie blends not with an added mint component.

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