Wax Melt Review: Treehouse Memories, Yankee Candle Company

Yankee Candle, Treehouse Memories
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Review Summary:

Scent Description: Warm, earthy woods wrapped in sweet, familiar spices evoke memories of crisp Autumn days spent amongst the changing leaves.

Melt Size: 0.8 ounces

Melt Type: Scallop wax melt

Where Melted: Room size 8′ x 9′

How Melted: Bulb melter (with a 40W bulb). I used the entire wax melt.

Great For: Those who love woodsy scents; Those who love masculine scents; Lodge or Cabin; Fall/Winter

Would I repurchase? Yes

Rating Breakdown:

  • Packaging/Presentation: This was a pine bark brown colored wax. The label showcased a pretty big treehouse with a couple of happy kids in it. Overall, very fitting for the scent. I do hate the shrink wrap on these wax melts. 4.5/5
  • Scent: This was such a refreshing scent. It was exactly what I was expecting – a fresh, woodsy smell but not too earthy. 4/5
  • Scent Throw: This was a moderately strong wax melt. It filled my room easily but was not overpowering. I didn’t smell it outside the room it was in. 4/5
  • Longevity: The scent lasted most of the day non-stop in my warmer. 4/5
  • Customer Service (if applicable): No problems with this order. 5/5
  • Overall rating: 4/5 (Technically 4.3 but rounded down for scent throw).

Disclosures: None. I purchased this product myself.


Happy candle burning ~


Author: Andrea

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  1. I’ve wanted to try this scent in a melt since I first saw it online. I have never actually been able to get my hands on it though. It’s always sold out in my YC store. Andrea glad you had a chance to try it and super glad it was a good one!!

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