Wax Melt Review: Strawberry Passion, Tiffany Candles

Tiffany Candles, Strawberry Passion
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Review Summary:

Strawberry Passion has a wonderful scent throw, but the scent itself seemed artificial to me.

Strawberry Passion is a freebie wax melt I received in my recent order. I love free samples because it gives me the chance to try a variety of scents I may not have ordered otherwise. Strawberry Passion would be one that falls into that category. I just have a hard time with strawberry scents – most seem fake or too candy like for me. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to get a sample of Strawberry Passion to try it out.

The website says:

A rich ripened strawberry fragrance with bottom notes of cotton candy & French vanilla

Sounded promising! Cold sniff gave me that artificial strawberry smell, though. I held out hopes for the other notes to come out once melting. Unfortunately, for me, I smelled mostly the strawberry. The kind I didn’t like. This is a very green strawberry scent and it overpowered all the bottom notes to my nose. Every now and then I thought I detected a hint of pink sugar (which may have been the cotton candy/French vanilla mix playing tricks on me). But overall, it was strawberry. And not for me.

Strawberry Passion wax melt from Tiffany Candles

The scent throw was fabulous! It was very strong and scented up not only the room it was in but also well into several rooms on the lower level of my home. Powerful! I can’t comment on longevity because this is a scent I didn’t keep in my warmer long (only because of scent preference). If you like very green strawberry scents with a hint of something pink sugar-ish, this might just be the melt for you.

Do you like strawberry scents? Which one is your favorite?

Happy candle burning ~


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  1. I love strawberry too, but I agree it’s hard to get right. I got a strawberry jam tart from Goose Creek – i’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

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