Wax Melt Review: Mountain Leaves, Pics Petals & Scents

Pics Petals & Scents, Mountain Leaves
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Review Summary:

A woodsy scent with men's cologne vibe to it.

Mountain Leaves is one of the melts I had in my sampler from Pics, Petals & Scents. I do not see this scent available on the website, so I’m thinking it must not be available anymore. It was a singular daisy wax melt packaged in a ziplock cello baggie. I love how she puts the date on her labels! The date on this label was August 2013.

This wax melt was a mossy green color which was quite pretty. The cold sniff was super strong! It was grassy and had that ozone-y perfume-y kind of smell to it, too. I liked the scent combo. Slatkin had a scent called Mountain Leaves, and I wonder if this was a dupe. That scent was supposed to mix baked sweets with woodsy, but I didn’t smell any baked sweets here. pics-petals-scents-mountain-leaves-wax-melt-candle

I melted this wax melt on a 24W electric melter in a small powder room. This little daisy could have easily been used in a larger sized room – it was strong! Once it got going, I noticed more of the ozone notes and it became a “little” too perfumey for me. The woodsy notes were still present and I thought I detected some sweet cedar. But those notes were just not strong enough or well balanced with the cologne-type scent. This scent was what many would label as masculine.

Have you tried Pics, Petals & Scents?

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  1. Never have I tried this vendor. I have heard many good things about them and they are on the list to try! B&BW also has a hand soap “Mountain Air” that sounds very similar to the scent description you’ve listed above. I am happy to hear the little daisy packs a big punch!!

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