Wax Melt Review: Just Picked, Patriot Candles

I have seen an array of Patriot Candles at Walgreen’s. I’m not sure if they are carried anywhere else. Since I shop at Walgreen’s often, I thought I might pick a few of these up to try out. They are very inexpensive, so I figured there was not much to lose if they didn’t work out. The clamshells are sold 2 packs for $5. Nice!


There are no scent descriptions I could find, but Just Picked is obviously an apple scent. Cold sniff brought fresh McIntosh Apples to mind. I really had high hopes for this one! Melting it, however, was a disappointment. The scent throw was fairly strong but the scent itself was artificial and almost perfumey. Certainly not something I could tolerate for a long period of time. Which is good, because the scent fizzled out after a couple of hours. I used a 24W electric melter for these.

I will not repurchase this scent again, but I am still willing to try other scents from Patriot Candles.


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Patriot Candles, Just Picked
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  • Patriot Candles, Just Picked
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Just Picked (Patriot Candles) wax melts had a strong throw but a perfumey scent that I was unable to tolerate for long.

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  1. I disagree, I have found this particular scent just picked as a more natural scent of apples than any out there and the price you can’t beat. i come home from work and just really enjoy being home because of the natural scent not over powering.

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