Wax Melt Review: Just Picked, Patriot Candles

Patriot Candles, Just Picked
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  • Patriot Candles, Just Picked
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Review Summary:

Just Picked (Patriot Candles) wax melts had a strong throw but a perfumey scent that I was unable to tolerate for long.

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Just Picked, Patriot Candles

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No scent description available. 

Melt Size: 2.4 ounces (approximately 0.4 ounce per cube)

Melt Type: Clamshell

Where Melted: Large open living area.

How Melted: Electric melters (24W). Entire clamshell used.

Great For: Those who love strong scents; Those who like perfumey scents


Would I repurchase? No.

Rating Breakdown:

  • Packaging/Presentation: This was a clamshell style wax melt that had a large clear window on the packaging so that it was easy to view the wax inside. There was the picture of a tree in the upper right hand corner but no actual apples. The scent name and company name were clearly displayed. The wax was a candy apple red color and smooth to the touch. 3/5
  • Scent: Just Picked was obviously an apple scent. Cold sniff brought fresh McIntosh Apples to mind. I really had high hopes for this one! Melting it, however, was a disappointment. The scent itself was artificial and almost perfumey. Certainly not something I could tolerate for a long period of time. 1/5
  • Scent Throw: This had a fairly strong scent throw. 4/5
  • Longevity: It fizzled out after a couple of hours. 1/5
  • Customer Service (if applicable): N/A
  • Overall rating: 2.5

Disclosures: None. I purchased this product myself.

Additional Photos:

Happy candle burning ~


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  1. I disagree, I have found this particular scent just picked as a more natural scent of apples than any out there and the price you can’t beat. i come home from work and just really enjoy being home because of the natural scent not over powering.

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  2. Absolutely LOVED this scent! I purchased it and used a few wax melts and had one left and thought now Where did I purchase these again?? Thankful
    To put the name in and have it pop up Walgreens!! Just 1 wax melt lasts an entire afternoon into evening, and Does stand up to its name “Just Picked”!! Apples! Fresh and Crisp scent! Will be picking up
    Some more of these Tommorow! You won’t be Dissapointed you did!!!!

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  3. I am trying to get a replacement bulb for the warmers, but, I haven’t been able to find a 25 watt bulb that fits in the warmers. I would like to know if you carry them or can you tell me where I can buy the replacement bulbs.it’s very frustrating to have the bulb burn out and not be able to get a replacement ffor it at Walgreens. Please contact me at revonock1@yahoo.com or 5593090381 to help

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  4. I purchased a Patriot Candle (Just Picked) 18 oz jar. My husband love candles and I was setting a romantic evening the candled burned for 2.5 hours and no smell. Now when you smell the candles it’s smells yummy 😋 this is not cool 10.00 dollars gone to waste which is a lot for 2 college kids!

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