Wax Melt Review: Gingerbread Jar Melt, Yankee Candle Company

Yankee Candle, Gingerbread
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Review Summary:

Scent Description: Gingerbread houses and gingerbread men are delicious childhood memories that we love to revisit every year. The aroma of spicy warm gingerbread rich with nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar will instantly return you to those carefree days when the holidays were always full of wonder, joy and tingling anticipation.

Melt Size: 0.8 ounces

Melt Type: Jar wax melt. Paraffin wax.

Where Melted: Room size 8′ x 9′

How Melted: Bulb melter (with 40W bulb).

Great For: Holidays; Christmas; Bakery Lovers; Kitchen

Would I repurchase? Yes

Rating Breakdown:

  • Packaging/Presentation: This was the new cute wax melt that is shaped like a YC apothecary jar candle. The shrink wrap is a minus. The label showed a cute little gingerbread house. The wax color was light brown. 4/5
  • Scent: This was a warm, cozy scent. It smelled like a warm loaf of gingerbread coming out of the oven. Nice! It was somewhat spicy but not overwhelmingly so. I loved it. 4.5/5
  • Scent Throw: This was a moderate scent throw. It filled my room enough to be pleasant and enjoyable. I think if I had it in a larger space, I would need two (or more) in order to get the scent throw I would want or expect. I think this would be great for gatherings because it would not overwhelm most guests. 3.5/5
  • Longevity: I did not have the longevity with this particular scent that I have had with some of the other YC melts. It lasted several hours but not as long as I would have expected. 3/5
  • Customer Service (if applicable): No problems with this order. Great CS from YC. 5/5
  • Overall rating: 4/5

Disclosures: None. I purchased this product myself.





Happy candle burning ~


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  1. Super cute indeed! I really hate when ALL YC melts crumble! Sometimes, I think it is because they may be a bit old. I know certain melts I’ve purchased come out of the wrap perfectly clean and seem fresher if that is at all possible. While others crumble away.

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    • I hate the crumbly ones, too. They make a huge mess and don’t seem to be as well scented.

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