Wax Melt Review: Faded Denim, ScentSationals

I’ve found myself stopping by the candle section every time I step in Wal-Mart now. And there’s a good reason for that. The ScentSationals wax melts have me just begging for more. Great scents, great prices and great throws (so far, at least!). Faded Denim was my latest acquisition and I can tell you that I’m going to need to stock up on this one the next time I find it. I don’t see it available online on the ScentSationals website and the last time I checked at my local Wal-Mart: Out Of Stock! Gasp! What in the world will I do? This scent is absolutely fabulous, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

The scent description on the packaging is as follows:

The comfort of broken-in cotton.

OK – I’m in! The cold sniff on this one was fresh and clean. A perfect laundry room scent to me. Once I melted it, though, I saw that this scent shouldn’t just be held up in the laundry room. It’s too fresh…too clean…too ahhhhh! Oh my. It made my house smell like I had been cleaning all day! And trust me…nothing could be further from the truth.  ;)

The throw on this baby was wonderful – all through the lower level of my open floor plan home. A strong scent for about 3 hours and then very noticeable for approximately 6 more hours. I used 24W electric melters and kept them going all day. This is a definite reorder for me and my favorite of the ScentSationals wax melts so far.

ScentSationals Faded Denim Wax Melts package

ScentSationals Faded Denim Wax Melts one cube on top

Cleseup of ScentSationals Faded Denim wax melt cube

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Happy candle burning!


ScentSationals, Faded Denim
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Review Summary:

Faded Denim from ScentSationals is fresh and crisp. More than a laundry scent, it will make your home smell clean and airy.

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  1. Faded Denim is one of my favorites as well. A great laundry scent. There is another one by Scentsationals also, and it has the word “Maid” in it, I can’t recall the name – darn it- but it was so knock your socks off strong, it was amazing. My son had it on in his room once, and, just as you said about Faded denim, it smelled like he had been cleaning all day – and if you knew my son or saw his room, you would KNOW that would NEVER happen! lol

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