Wax Melt Review: Energizing Citrus, Carolina Candles

Carolina Candles, Energizing Citrus
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  • Carolina Candles, Energizing Citrus
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  • Last modified: May 23, 2015

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A strong, fizzy citrus scent that will energize your senses.


iced cold lemonade

Carolina Candles has been around for quite awhile.  I remember seeing this brand many years ago when I began my first steps leading into my full blown wax addiction!

Carolina Candles are easy to locate, often found at your local grocery or department store.  And they are not just candles any more – they have wisely made the leap into making melts, and that makes me one happy gal!


The scent I bought was Energizing Citrus, and from the picture it appears to be a blend of lemon, orange and lime.  (No description was found.) The scent does have a blend of citrus scents – the sweetness of the orange and the tart lime are mixed with a kind of fizzy note…I guess that is making it “energizing”!

The melt comes in the ubiquitous clamshell, and I melted 2 cubes in an electric melter.  Yeowza!  This is one strong melt! Two cubes were all I needed to scent one good sized room.

Would I buy more?  Based on the performance of this one – YES!

Clue2: Carries the scent Pina Colada



Happy candle burning ~

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Author: Avery Jordan

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  1. I would like to put in my guess for the contest. Is it “Dream Soy”?

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    • Great guess! But that’s not the company name we’re looking for this month. Be sure to try again!

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  2. Lets see if I can take a guess on the candle contest. My guess is Pure Integrity Soy Candles. Is that correct?

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    • Another great guess! That’s not the company name we’re looking for. Please try again!

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  3. That sounds like a great melt! I love a nice citrus mix, especially with lime or grapefruit. And candles from the grocery are always a great idea!

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  4. Where can I find these to purchase??!!!!! I can’t find them and I love them!!! Energizing Citrus by Carolina Candles. Please help!

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  5. Where can I find these? Energizing Citrus melts by Carolina Candles. Please help!!!

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    • Susan, have you tried your local grocery store or any department store near you? That appears to be where Avery found hers. Good luck!

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  6. I absolutely love these wax cubes. I first found these at my local grocery store (kroger) and wasn’t sure if I should buy more than one pack. I usually dont buy store bought scented wax but kroger was having a major sale about 3months ago and at the time they were only 1$ & 2quarters, immediate attraction. I opened the pack of cucumber melon and the smell was so yummy and strong on cold throw, I was amazed plus the texture of the wax is awesome. Very creamy which means to me,the melt is nice. I still purchase wax from my favorite vendors VCS and FP 1st but i continuously buy these wax cubes by carolina candles. I have since 1st purchase of PCCC bought at least three other scents and so far haven’t been let down yet. 5stars

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  7. I know this is an older post but I hope Susan has found these wax cubes. They are just lovely….

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