Wax Melt Review: A Christmas Story, Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek Candles, A Christmas Story
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Review Summary:

Scent Description: It's an old time Christmas story. Grab a blanket, warm cider, and a book. Cuddle up, and get ready. Your childhood memories are just around the corner. An old fireplace, a walk through the winter woods; everyone has a Christmas Story. This is a cool balsam scent with notes of pine, orange blossom, and caramel musk.

Melt Size: 2.1 ounces (amounts to approximately 0.35 ounces per slice)

Melt Type: Clamshell type wax melts. Now in circular packaging.

Where Melted: Powder room (6′ x 6.5′)

How Melted: Electric melter (24W). Two cubes/slices.

Great For: Christmas, Holiday Season

Comments: This wax melt is made with the new Aromatic+ wax formula.

Would I repurchase? Yes

Rating Breakdown:

  • Packaging/Presentation: I love the new circular containers. The picture on the website does not do it justice – these are big packages of wax. The picture that is on the front is a typical Christmas scene – large, decorated Christmas tree with presents underneath, a comfy chair to the right. Very festive. The packaging was easy to open and the melts were easy to remove. The wax was a pine green color. 4.5/5
  • Scent: This was a nice, fresh scent. It was not the typical pine or Christmas tree type scent. I think the orange blossom helped mute it some and the caramel musk gave it an air of sophistication. I tire of tree scents fairly easy, but this one I did not. 4.5/5
  • Scent Throw: Decent scent throw. It filled the powder room with scent but without overwhelming. 3.5/5
  • Longevity: This scent lasted a long time in my electric melter. I actually changed it out before it started to fade. 5/5
  • Customer Service (if applicable): I always have good CS at Goose Creek. 5/5
  • Overall rating: 4.5

Disclosures: I did receive this product from Goose Creek for personal evaluation and review.





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  1. Very pretty melt. I don’t think I’ve tried a tree scent with orange and caramel in it. Sounds like a scent to try next year for the holiday season. Thanks for the review.

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