Wax Melt Review: Blissful Hibiscus, Goose Creek Candles

Goose Creek Candles, Blissful Hibiscus
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Review Summary:

Blissful Hibiscus is a beautiful, sweet floral/fruit mix that is downgraded only by its scent throw.

I have been slowly whittling down my Goose Creek Candles wax melt stash and I can say, Blissful Hibiscus is one I’ve been avoiding. Yes, I know. I purchased it. I added it to my cart. Knowing full well what the scent was all about. But the truth is I’m just not that crazy about florals and I’m not sure what was on my mind. Oh wait…yes I do…sale!goose-creek-candles-blissful-hibiscus-out

That being said, Blissful Hibiscus had a really dreamy scent description on the website. Goose Creek Candles says:

The potent aroma of a tropical centerpiece. The blissful hibiscus covers the island with it’s beauty. Freesia, orange, raspberry, strawberry and woods.

Cold sniff didn’t offer me much of the other scents mentioned. In fact, it didn’t offer much at all. It was a decent scent, but nothing I could truly put my finger on. Then I decided to melt it. I have learned not to be fooled by cold sniff alone, as a cold sniff can sometimes be deceiving. That lesson was brought back home with Blissful Hibiscus. This was one beautiful scent! It was not exactly floral, in the typical floral sense of the word. It definitely had other notes surrounding the tropical flower and that made for a soothing, slightly sweet, scent. I couldn’t stop sniffing the air!

My only problem with this scent was the scent throw. It was noticeable in my living area, but that’s about all. It did not permeate the room like I would have expected or liked. I would order this scent again, but probably use it in a smaller room for a better coverage. This melt lasted a good 4 hours before I noticed a definite decline in scent throw and changed out scents.

Happy candle burning ~


Author: Andrea

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