Wax Melt Review: Birthday Bash, Tiffany Candles

Tiffany Candles, Birthday Bash
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A blend of Fruity Loops, Fluffy Marshmallow & Birthday Cake (Created by Christian; A Tiffany Candles Blend)

I’ve been having fun with my first-time order from Tiffany Candles. So much fun, in fact, that I’m already plotting another order. One of the scents I was dying to try was Birthday Bash. This is a custom blend at Tiffany Candles:

A blend of Fruity Loops, Fluffy Marshmallow & Birthday Cake (Created by Christian; A Tiffany Candles Blend)

Mmmm – sounds delish! These scalloped wax melts come three to a package, with each package weighing approximately 3 ounces. So each individual melts weighs about 1 oz each. They look bigger than that, but I didn’t take out my handy dandy weigh scale to find out. Maybe next time!

Tiffany Candles Birthday Bash Wax Melts - #candles #waxmelts #TiffanyCandles #CandleScoop


These melts looked a little bit different than the other fluted tarts because these had sugar sprinkles on top. As I noted in my box opening for Tiffany Candles, Birthday Bash has a great cold sniff. It’s birthday cake and so much more – the sweetness of the fruit loops really stands out.  Once melting, there is a good mix of buttery birthday cake and sweeter fruit loops. It smells almost like some pink sugar is added to the mix. This is a toothaching sweet birthday cake scent, so keep that in mind if you want to order. Although the cold sniff was fabulous, I found the hot throw to be light. I did try these melts in a large, open area and I think next time I’ll melt this particular scent in a medium sized room.

The scent did last in my 24W electric melters for approximately 3 hours before I noticed it starting to fade. Fickle as I am, I did change out scents after that. This is a great scent, even though the throw could be stronger. I’ll definitely reorder this one.

Tiffany Candles Birthday Bash Wax Melts - #candles #waxmelts #TiffanyCandles #CandleScoop

Have you tried Tiffany Candles? What are your thoughts?

Happy candle burning ~


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