Wax Melt Review: Autumn Walk, ScentSationals

ScentSationals, Autumn Walk
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Review Summary:

A great Fall scent with the smell of tart, tangy apples and crushed leaves.

I’m well into the swing of all things Fall and even though I’m not a seasonal melter, I’ve been snatching up a lot of Fall-ish scents to burn and melt in my home lately. Enter Autumn Walk from ScentSationals…I purchased this wax melt during one of their 20% off sales, so I got an awesome deal. I’ve really been enjoying these wax melts, so I couldn’t wait to try this particular scent from my latest order.

The Autumn Walk wax melt from ScentSationals was the typical clamshell wax melt that they carry with golden yellow hues for the packaging and a background of beautiful colored leaves. The wax was a light yellow color. The scent packaging says “Autumn leaves and orchard apples.” Here’s the scent description from the website:

Breathe in the crisp autumn air as fresh apples baked in spices beckon you with their sweet aroma and leaves crunch beneath your feet.

The cold sniff was wonderful! A bit woodsy and spicy, but not too much. The cold throw was moderately strong. Once I put this in my melters, it did not take long for Fall to fill the air! This scent was truly wonderful! If you’ve ever taken leaves and crushed them in your hand, or noticed the smell right after raking a yard full of leaves – you know exactly the smell I’m talking about. How do they do that??? I could also smell some spiciness – or a kick – from this scent. Maybe a bit of clove and cinnamon/nutmeg. This scent was not all crushed leaves and spice, scentsationals-autumn-walkthough. There were some fresh, tart granny apples to enjoy as well. The apples were background notes but definitely there. This was such a wonderful scent, I wanted it to last all day.

It did last several hours in my electric melters (24W) and was strong enough to scent a large, open living area well. It did not blast me out the door but it was quite noticeable without being overbearing. I thought it was perfect. This is a scent I would reorder again and again.

Have you tried the scent Autumn Walk? What are your thoughts?

Happy candle burning ~


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