Taper Candles

Photo Credit: Remodelista.com

Photo Credit: Remodelista.com

Taper candles, also commonly referred to as dinner candles, are typically long, thin candles with a single wick. They can be short or tall, but typically range from 6-24″ tall. The taller candles are seen as more elegant and can be found on dinner tables, receptions, and weddings alike. They are most often made of beeswax or paraffin. Bayberry taper candles are beautiful but expensive compared to other types of tapers. Bayberry candles tend to burn slower and therefore the candle lasts longer. Tapers can also be made from soy or palm wax. The possibilities are endless!

While the classic taper shape is a tall, slender candle, there are other options available. For example, swirl candles are becoming more popular and seen as a decorative addition to a table or event. Taper candles are often unscented, but can be scented as well. They will give off a more gentle scent than a container candle of the same fragrance. The burn time for a taper candle can be estimated at 1 hour for every 1 inch of candle. For example, a 9″ taper candle will burn for approximately 9 hours.

Photo Credit: Crafted Candles

Photo Credit: Crafted Candles

When shopping for taper candles, you’ll see many that are advertised as dripless. These candles usually have a final dip coating of higher melt-point wax to help prevent dripping. However, all taper candles will drip if they are in a drafty area or if the flame is allowed to get too large. It is a good practice to initially trim the wick of tapers to 1/4″ then to trim just the tips of the candle wicks for future burns. You do not want the wick too low because the heat will now allow the well to form for proper taper burning.

Candelabras are special candle holders that have branches or arms to hold more than one candle in place. When shopping for a candelabra, be sure to check the distances between arms. You want your taper candles to be far enough apart that the heat from one doesn’t disturb the “well” of an adjacent candle. That can cause a disruption in how the candle is melting and cause excessive dripping.

A bobeche is a candle accessory that is used to help catch candle drippings. It is like a candle collar or sleeve and is often made of glass. Even if you have a bobeche in place, it is still a good idea to make sure you protect furniture and fabric surfaces directly underneath your candle.

When it’s time to blow out your candle, use a candle snuffer. This keeps you from splattering hot wax everywhere. Plus, it will keep the hot flame from touching the walls of the candle. That could weaken the walls and cause future burnings to suffer.

Taper candle with bobeche. Photo Credit: Candle Bay

Taper candle with bobeche. Photo Credit: Candle Bay

Do you burn or decorate with taper candles?

Happy candle burning ~


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  1. I sometimes burn taper candles. So grateful for ikea as I can get a box of them for a reasonable price.

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  2. I have several pairs of tapper candles, but don’t really use them. I do think they are pretty for dinners or church! I prefer to use pillar candles for decorating and using.

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