Scratch ‘N Sniff Jeans Coming Soon Near You

Naked And Famous Denim is a Canadian based company that is known for some very innovative designs in the world of jeans. Teflon coated jeans. Glow in the dark jeans. And scratch-and-sniff jeans. The mint-scented jeans, designed by Brandon Svarc, are being released to 30 countries worldwide and should soon be available for purchase. naked-famous-denim

Just how are they made? The jeans are coated with a special layer of scented micro-capsules. The layer is then baked into the jeans. When scratched, the micro-capsules release scent. They will continue to release scent for up to 10 washings, according to the company.

This is not the first foray into the world of scent for Naked And Famous. In 2012, they released a popular raspberry scented pair of Weird Guy fit jeans that sold like hotcakes.

The jeans will cost around $150 and are made from raw Japanese denim. Check out upscale department stores or look online at Tate + Yoko in the next few weeks for availability.

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  1. I adore scented candles but wouldn’t want to wear scented jeans. If I want to smell nice I like perfume and mint smelling pants would interfere with that.

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