Scented pencils can improve a student’s GPA

Ever heard of a Smencil? Why, it’s a scented pencil, of course! That’s the original, basic product. There are now Smarkers, Smens and Smanimals available as well. But it was the peppermint-scented Smencil that was the focus of a 7-week study by the Psychology Department at Wheeling Jesuit University. smencil-peppermint

Apparently, all freshmen at Wheeling Jesuit University were given a Smencil at the beginning of August. The students were polled on usage at the end of a 7-week period. Increased Smencil usage correlated with increased grade point averages. Those who used the Smencil several times a week averaged a GPA of 3.2, while those who used it monthly averaged a 2.4 GPA. Those who didn’t use the Smencil at all averaged a 2.1 grade point average.

According to Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, professor of psychology at the University, “Peppermint has been shown to increase activity in the reticular activating system in our brain, which is the part that wakes us up in the morning. Additional activity in this area also has been tied with increased mental performance. The scent from the pencil is most likely keeping the students more alert and focused, so that they can study more efficiently.”

Scentco makes Smencils and provided them free of charge for the research project.

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  1. This is such a cool creation. I remember reading studies that having fragrance in the room is supposed to help you when studying so I always lit candles when I was getting ready for exams.

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