Scent Mixology Zone: Bourbon Citrus Sipper, WoodWick

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

A Bourbon Citrus Sipper is a smooth drink that sounds, looks, and tastes delicious. But what about smell? I created my own intoxicating spin-off by combining one wax melt square of Citrus Melon with one wax melt square of Vanilla Bourbon, both from WoodWick (Virginia Gift Brands).

Citrus Melon: Cool honeydew melon,tangy lemon rind and cool cucumber.

Vanilla Bourbon: Enjoy the sweet and smoky notes of rich bourbon with the soft familiar scents of vanilla, pralines, and sugar cane.woodwick-citrus-melon-vanilla-bourbon-wax-melts-candle

The verdict? Nice! The smooth, heavy bourbon scent that I love was livened up with the zingy zip of citrus notes. The honeydew sweetened the pot just a little. I could see this being a great pick-me-up type of scent. Hmmm…kinda like the drink. 😉  Two thumbs up on this mix.

If you’d rather sip your sipper, here’s the recipe on Better Homes & Gardens.

What are your favorite scent mixes?

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  1. This is my first time hearing of this drink and it sounds amazing. I am mainly a wine drinker but when it comes to mixed drinks I love lava flows. (A lava flow is a pina colada with strawberry mixed in.) Anyway back to the candles….Layering Nest pumpkin chai and Nest tahiti vanille is just amazeballs.

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    • I mostly drink wine, too, Bonnie. Another thing we have in common! 😉 Lava Flow sounds delicious. I may scent mix that. Thanks!

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