Sample of the week: Goatmilk Sandalwood Vanilla Bar Soap from TVAL Skincare

This week I used up an incredibly ancient bar soap sample from TVAL Skincare. I have tried full sized bar soaps from TVAL before and I love them. I’m not sure why this little gem was tucked away, but I was happy to find it and finally use it this week. The sample was Goatwood Sandalwood Vanilla and was packaged well in a little cellophane baggie, clearly labeled. The soap was very small – a sliver – but it was plenty from which to get several handwashings. tval-skincare-goatmilk-sandalwood-vanilla-soap-sample

I was not expecting any scent from this oldie and sure enough, it just smelled like soap. Also, because of the vanilla in it, there was a little bit of discoloring. That didn’t keep me from using it and I’m glad that I did. This soap was wonderful! The soap bar lathered easily and gave a light but creamy lather. Lots of it! My hands felt soft while using it and the bar gave good “slip.” The lathered rinsed off easily, leaving my hands super soft and supple…no lotion required! It didn’t dry out my hands, which is a huge plus.

tval-skincare-goatmilk-sandalwood-vanilla-soap-sample-latherI’m not sure of the size of the full sized soap bars – I don’t see it indicated on the website. The bars are currently selling for $5 CAN.

I’m glad to see that this soap can still be purchased after all these years. I do plan on buying a full bar in the near future.

Happy candle burning ~


Author: Andrea

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