Wax Melt Review: Tropical Mango, Harmony Home Candles

Harmony Home, Tropical Mango
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Review Summary:

Tropical Mango (Harmony Home) is a sweet, candy like mango scent that provides a light to moderate scent throw.

The wax melts from Harmony Home Candles can be found in Walgreens. I’m not sure if they can be found elsewhere. From the looks of it, you can also place an order online. My local store often carries a much better deal on them than I see online, so that’s where I purchase this product.

Harmony Home offers clamshell wax melts. Tropical Mango sounded like a great summer scent to try. I love that there is a “Test” hole where you can sniff the scent without opening the package. Clever!harmony-home-tropical-mango-new


Harmony Home Tropical Mango candles

These wax melts are quite soft and even somewhat “mushy.” You can tell from the pictures some of the smearing. There were some beads of “sweat” on my wax melts, slightly visible in the photo above.

Tropical Mango had a juicy fruity smell on cold sniff. Once melted, the scent was very fruity and candy-like. No green notes at all. I would describe it as a sweet candy. A nice scent, but just not what I was wanting. I detected a light to moderate scent throw – I think it would do well in small spaces.  I would probably reorder this scent during another Walgreen’s excursion, just to have something nice to melt in my powder room.

Harmony Home Tropical Mango Candles

The scent throw lasted approximately 3  hours in a 24W electric melter. After that time, I could still detect the scent but it was much lighter.



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  1. I am looking for Harmony Home caramelized Pear wax cubes. I bought 2 packages off a sell table at Bed Bath & Beyond a few months ago. I absolutely love the scent of these cubes! But I am unable to find this scent anywhere. I am not interested in selling this product, just would like to buy several packages of this particular scent! Is there anybody out there who could give any hints on where I might find it? I sure would appreciate it!

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