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Yankee Candle Company, Scenterpiece EasyMelt Cup System
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$24.99 for the warmer, $4.99 for the melt cups
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About Scenterpiece™ Easy MeltCup System   Change scents in seconds! Quick, easy and clean, our innovative Easy MeltCups provide exceptional home fragrance when used in our Scenterpiece™ warmers. Cool to the touch, even while in use, they come in 36 of our most popular fragrances. You can easily change scents as often as you want without ever touching the wax. Easy MeltCups stack and store easily, too. For use only with Yankee Candle Scenterpiece™ warmers.   About This Warmer   Stylish and so easy to use, our revolutionary Scenterpiece™ warmer lets you change fragrances as often as you want without ever touching the wax. The electric warmer features a flameless heater to quickly melt the wax, a recessed heating dish for a cleaner look that enhances every décor, and a 6-foot power cord that allows for easy placement around a room.

I have been eyeing the Scenterpiece EasyMelt Cup system from Yankee Candle Company since they introduced it not long ago. They were having one of their fabulous sales, so I decided to jump right on in. Unfortunately, they were sold out of my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for the Scenterpiece warmers. I guess that’s what procrastination in this business gets you.


I did find the Indigo Tendril warmer in stock and it is one that can eventually go into my kitchen. It certainly looks pretty enough to sit out on the counter – it is a white, boxy warmer with a light blue scroll pattern around the top. The base of the warmer is adorned with light blue leaves. This is a large piece – much larger than I expected. The dimensions listed on the website are 7.25″ x 6″. Just keep that in mind should you wish to purchase – this baby demands a lot of shelf space.



The warmer has a “seat” at the top that has the heating element. This is where the EasyMelt cups rest when ready to use them (more on those below). The warmer had a fairly long power cord (6′), which made it easy when attempting to place it. The on/off switch was lit when on, so I could tell at a glance if the warmer was on. This warmer did not have a timer attached, which would have been a nice feature. In addition, this one did not have any light that shone through when on.

Fun Fact: The deluxe Scenterpiece warmers are a little more pricey, but they include a timer with an automatic shutoff, LED lighting, and decorative cutouts.



The EasyMelt cups are housed in a special plastic container with a snap on lid. Each cup was filled with 2.2 ounces of scented wax. Once the lid was removed, I was able to place the cup into the warmer “seat” to begin the warming process. It didn’t take long to start noticing scent throughout the room. I purchased three scent cups initially with this warmer, and I have already gone back to purchase more. For the most part, I’ve gotten great scent throws (I’ll review each scent cup individually at a later date.) . What I really loved was once I was ready to change scents, I simply lifted the cup out of the warmer and placed in a different one. The plastic cup remained cool to touch and  was very easy to handle. The EasyMelt cups are said to provide up to 24 hours of fragrance, and I did find that about accurate. If wanting to make this fragrance option more economical, I would think one could place other wax into the cup for melting purposes. I haven’t tried this yet, however, and I’m sure YC does not endorse this practice.





Overall, I love the warmer unit and am happy with my purchase. I could see purchasing a set for a couple of friends as a holiday gift. And here’s a bonus…if you’ve actually taken time to read through this entire review, you now have an opportunity to win a $25 Yankee Candle e-Gift card! How? Simply guess what were my first three choices of Scenterpiece warmers that I was unable to purchase because they were sold out. Simply comment below and be the first one to guess which was my first, second, and third choice (in the correct order) and you win! I’ll leave the mini-contest open for entries through next Tuesday, September 23rd. 🙂

Happy candle burning ~


Author: Andrea

Andrea is the voice behind Candle Scoop. She is a long-standing member of Candlefind and loves all things scented. While she enjoys scents across the spectrum, she is a die-hard bakery and fresh-scent fan. She enjoys rooting out bargains and candle discounts, but she won't hesitate to pamper herself with a luxury brand. When not writing or talking about candles, she enjoys spectator sports and playing with her pups. Andrea would love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to contact!

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  1. I would like to guess the first one sold out was the Autumn Ruby, second Twirling Auburn and my third guess is Flourish. I had seen these but did not want to commit to the melt cups. Thanks for the review and I hope you have a most wonderful day!

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  2. This is one of the best ideas Yankee Candle has had to date. I was skeptical at first because Y.C. has had ideas in the past and either they failed miserably or that particular product was discontinued (Scentlight). I highly recommend this warmer to anyone that prefers melting over burning. Thanks for reading

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    • I agree, Lisa. I’ve been pleased with my purchase and look forward to using the unit for a long time.

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    • I buy the scented oil and put a few drops in the wax melts. Makes them last longer. My favs are Lemon/Lavender and Red Raspberry.

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  3. Here are my guesses: 1. Autumn Ruby (love this!); 2. Sepia Leela; 3. Bronze Flair. I really do like the one you bought, though this Indigo Tendril one does look like it may take up more space than some of the others. I have hesitated to commit to this because it can only (presumably) be used with YC melts while other generic warmers can use many brands.
    Thanks for the review!

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  4. Entry for the day.
    Andrea I saw these in store and was shocked at their size! HUGE! I really couldn’t believe how big they are compared to a traditional size warmer. I’m gonna guess that the 3 you wanted were:
    1. Autumn Ruby
    2.Bronze Flair
    3. Chloe Scenterpiece
    I think my two faves are the Autumn Ruby and the Indigo Tendril. Traditional and Seasonal!

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  5. Well Autumn Ruby, Chloe Centerpiece, and Twirling Auburn 🙂

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    • The order of pick is #1 Autumn Ruby, #2 Twirling Auburn and #3 is Chloe Centerpiece in that order sorry.

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      • Well, let’s see if this is correct: #1 Autumn Ruby, #2 Twirling Auburn, #3 Twirling Taupe

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          • Autumn Ruby, Chloe Scenterpiece, Edge Grain Birch

  6. Andrea how about
    Autumn Ruby

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  7. For the record, I have now had the opportunity to fully use three meltcups, and replace the wax with either tart or jar wax. There is absolutely no performance difference, and I wholly recommend the practice. I thoroughly expect that someone will market empty meltcups in the not too distant future.

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    • Thanks so much for your feedback, Brett. I had wondered about that. I certainly can see that making the meltcups more economical.

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    • Thank you! I’ve been browsing the internet for an answer to this.

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  8. Well now Andrea lets see what 3 you wanted. Could they be:
    Autumn Ruby
    Twirling Auburn

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  9. 1. Autumn Ruby, 2. Twirling Auburn 3 Chloe Centerpiece

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  10. The giveaway will end tomorrow! Here are the three I wanted…the first to tell me the correct order in which I wanted them wins! Chloe, Bronze Flair, Twirling Taupe.

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  11. Hi 🙂 I am super stoked to try this!!! I hope I guess this right…..#1Choice-Twirling Taupe #2Choice-Chloe and #3Choice-Bronze Flair? Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!! 🙂

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  12. Andrea~
    Did you announce a winner for this scenterpiece? Thanks in advance 🙂

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  13. 1. Bronze flair, 2, Twirling Taupe and 3. Chloe Thanks for the chance. This is fun. 🙂

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  14. Sorry for the delay, everyone…long day at work! Thanks for all the guesses! The ones I wanted (in the correct order) were Bronze Flair, Chloe, and Twirling Taupe. Since no one got it exactly right, I will put all guesses into this evening and announce the winner tomorrow.

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  15. Thank you for your review/posting, I am wondering if over the past year — have you noticed or experience any scents that lose their smell after a few uses before the suggested 24hrs?

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  16. Can you melt directly in the warmer and use the tarts? Just wondering….

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    • I’ve read online that you should be able to reuse the melt cups for one or half a tart. It’s not a defined use or mentioned by Yankee but I would have thought there would be no issue as it reduces waste and recycles the melt cups – Good for the environment?

      I have been asking the same question and seen at least one comment or post online saying that is what someone has done.

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  17. Does the wax in the cup evaporate like a candle does and you end up with an empty cup when it’s finished? I have one of these and have been using it a while but the wax still has the same amount in them but i feel like the scent is getting less noticeable?

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  18. Absolutely brilliant idea and I think it’s great the use of tea lights is banished as they can be fiddly and potentially dangerous. Also aesthetically pleasing and a pretty edition to any room in the home. Ample variations of colours and patterns to choose from.
    The only downside would be how much it is to purchase the scented candle melts at a cost of £5 each and only burn for 24 hours, then you need to buy more. So you might have to buy at least a couple a week to maintain a pleasantly scented home which for me isn’t financially viable nor effective due to wanting a pleasant smell on a more consistent basis… But as I mentioned lookswise , initial outlay cost for the actual unit and idea 5stars.

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