Goose Creek Candles Wax Melt Haul

I recently ordered from a fabulous wax melt sale at Goose Creek Candles and here are some pics and quick thoughts on what I received. (Scent descriptions from the website are in italics and my thoughts are in navy blue.)

Goose Creek Candles wax meltsPretty wax Goose Creek Candles clamshell wax melts

Orange Berry Slush: Icy, cool and smooth… with tones of macintosh apple, clementine zest, cool cranberry, and juicy mandarin and red currant.
I don’t like this one on cold sniff. I think I’m smelling more of the red currant than I expected. It’s a bit too tart and not orange slushy like to me. Moderate cold throw.

Blissful Hibiscus: The potent aroma of a tropical centerpiece. The blissful hibiscus covers the island with it’s beauty. Freesia, orange, raspberry, strawberry and woods.
This is a bit tropical, somewhat fruity. A moderately strong cold throw. I’m not very crazy about this one.

Charming Colada: The mischievous aroma of a local specialty. This charming colada will ease the night. Key lime, lemon sugar, pineapple, coconut milk, vanilla and more.
Love this one. This is like a pina colada scent – tropical coconut all the way. Moderately strong cold throw.

Macintosh Apple: This fruity bouquet creates the mouthwatering aroma of a fresh & crisp Macintosh apple. Top: blends sweet green note with peach & luscious plum Middle: delicious apple bouquet highlighted with cyclamen & lily Base: clean fruity musk.
Mmmmm – this smells just like red delicious apples. I don’t get the other notes on cold sniff. Moderately strong cold sniff.

Orange Vanilla: The beautiful fragrance of freshly ripened oranges with sweet and soft golden vanilla.
This is a typical orange creamsicle scent that I don’t really care for. It’s lightly orangey and somewhat chalky to my nose. The cold throw is moderately strong. For some reason, my packaging on this one was very different from the others.

Orange Vanilla Goose Creek Candles

Pomegranate: Juicy red pomegranates embraced by exotic spices, midnight jasmine and warm woods. Notes: pomegranate, dewfruit, cassis, blackberry, raspberry, jasmine, vanilla, sandalwood, musk. Nice! A moderately strong cold throw. This one smells just like pomegranate. I don’t get the additional notes with cold sniff.

Soothing Coconut: The milky sweet aroma of an island true coconut. Bust it open and have a soothing sip. Orange, pineapple, coconut, musk, and vanilla.
A creamy type of coconut with a definite tropical flair. The citrus scents are noticeable on cold sniff. Moderate cold throw. I’m sitting on the fence whether I like this one or not. I’ll have to melt it to be sure.

Southern Gardens: Something to marvel. The majesty of a garden that has been on the family plantation for decades. White lotus, blooming roses, and more.
Nice floral mix. I do smell rose but it’s not too strong (which is a good thing for my nose). Strong cold sniff on this one.

Summer Slices: The scent of Summer Slices is a luscious fruity citrus medley with grapefruit, tangerine, kumquat & strawberry surrounded by sweet apple blossoms. This one is a great fruity mix – lots of citrus and a great cold throw.

Tuscan Vineyard: This irresistible fragrance is the scent of sun-ripened grapes and fruity peach blended with a hint of green vine leaves and rich red wine. Cold sniff to me smells just like grape kool-aid. Moderately strong cold sniff. I like!

Caramel Apple: This fragrance treat smells just like home-made caramel apples.  The crisp green apples are surrounded by a delicious creamy caramel and covered in buttery toasted pecans. The cold scent throw on this one is lighter than I expected. I usually expect apple scents to blast me in the nose. This scent is heavy on the caramel.

Cotton Flower: The fresh aroma of today’s picked cotton with beautiful blooms right off the top. Ozone, coconut, peach lemon, lily, and sandalwood. I LOVE this one. Very fresh and clean. It does have a clean linen smell, but I can definitely pick out the coconut on cold sniff. I’m excited to melt this one!

Apple Cider: This heartwarming blend of spice and citrus begins with bitter orange peel, tangerine, apple and sweet peach.  The heart blend cinnamon cider and clove leading to a delightful vanilla spice. Moderately strong cold sniff. This apple cider scent is very authentic with prominent spice notes. I don’t smell the other notes on cold sniff.

Apple Spice: Make your home cozy and inviting with the scent of fresh harvest apples spiced with warm cinnamon and clove.  Notes: fruity apple, peach, harvest greens, cinnamon, and clove, vanilla. Here the spices stand out and the apple is more of a background note. It is not as sweet as Apple Cider. I think I like this one better on cold sniff than Apple Cider.

Balsam Fir: A walk along a forest path where the scent of uplifting pine needles fills the air.  Notes:  green fruity, fir balsam, pine needle, oakmoss, cedarwood. Super strong cold sniff. Pine, pine and more pine. This would make a great Christmas scent. I’m excited to melt this one!

Sweet Petals: The beautifully sweet petals of spring. Straight from our southern plantation. With cool notes of coconut, currant, and orange bloom. A softer floral, this smells a little soapy to me. I do smell some coconut on cold sniff.

Peach Blossom: The delightful treat of spring; freshly bloomed peach trees. So real you can smell the fuzz. With pineapple, peach, orange, apple, and rosey. Oh my – this is fantastic on cold sniff! I smell juicy peach mostly, but I do get afternotes of pineapple and maybe orange. Strong cold sniff.

Apple Bourbon: A country favorite – apple pie topped with luscious hot caramel sauce, warmed with a touch of Grandpa’s bourbon and topped with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. A moderate scent throw. This smells like caramel apples rolled in some spices. I’m not really getting the bourbon part. Different packaging here as well

Dark Vanilla Bean: Classic rich French vanilla cream. A bit of toasted coconut & caramel butter brings warmth & longevity. Oooh, yum. This sort of reminds me of Ice Cream Shop from Bath & Body Works. Moderately strong, creamy vanilla scent.

I’m impressed overall with this haul. I’ll be reviewing several of these scents right here on Candle Scoop, so be sure to stay tuned.

Are you a Goose Creek Candle fan? Which scents are your favorites?

Happy candle burning ~


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