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Royal Tea Candles, Golden Rose

Royal Tea Candles, Golden Rose





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            by Ann Frati

            Candle review of Royal Tea Candles

            Scent description: The perfect rose scent is complex and can be made up of many floral attributes. This bouquet is made up of sweet rose, lily, fern, and marigold.

            Candle Size: 18 oz in oversized glass teacup

            Type of Wax: 100% Natural Soy

            Where Burned: 10×12 room

            Stated Burn Time: 80 hours (estimated)

            Cost: $25.00

            Initial Thoughts/Cold Sniff: Complex scent with prominent rose component. Along with rose, I smelled honeysuckle. Medium-strong.

            FUN FACT: This company was born when Andrew, one of the founders, asked his girlfriend Catherine to find a gift for his mother. After deciding to make jewelry candles, they added the unique touch of picking the type of jewelry you’d like!

            Jar Status: This one’s a keeper: it’s a generously-sized transparent teacup complete with a handle on the side.

            Rating Breakdown:

            Packaging/Presentation: 9Golden_Rose_large

            These candles come in a transparent oversized teacup, kind of like what you get if you order a luxury coffee/tea drink to “stay” in a coffee bar. The wax was a rich, medium-dark yellow with two well-placed wicks. On the side, a simple sticker advertises the name of the company, scent, and their catch-phrase: “Choose your own crown jewel.” A small silver round disc attached to a chain hangs from the side of the cup; the disc includes the name of the company and the chain extends into the candle. As the candle is burned, an aluminum foil rectangle appears (jewelry inside!) A warning label is affixed at the bottom. I really liked this and plan to keep the cup. The disc with the jewelry pack attached is a great idea! The only thing that might have made this better is a nice box and lid.

            Scent: 9

            Wonderful, complex floral as described. This is an accurate name: it’s mostly rose though I smelled a lot of honeysuckle, also. The burn scent was very similar to the dry sniff. I really didn’t smell fern or marigold, though there may have been a touch of lily. There is a decent-sized portion of perfume-y in this scent. My personal impression of this was complex and somehow reminded me of the south. Lovely!

            Scent Strength: 8

            This is a medium to strong scent. It filled the room with scent after several hours, though there wasn’t any “leak” to adjoining rooms. Certainly adequate for a room of this size.

            Scent Throw: 8

            Good to better than average scent throw, with the area around the candle well-scented and the corners of the room with lighter scent but still present.

            Performance: 9.5

            This candle burned well. A wax pool formed after about an hour. It burned both evenly and cleanly all the way to the bottom, making clean-up of the cup easy. It lasted for just about 80 hours, as advertised.

            (Drumroll, please!)Now the jewelry: This was wrapped in a rectangular piece of foil with the ends of a short chain which hung out of the cup with a silver disc (described above). My daughter and I unwrapped this with great anticipation: a silver snake chain necklace with a lovely emerald jewel in a silver setting with tiny diamond sparklers. My daughter claimed it eagerly! Definitely worth the wait. Its value was typed on a small piece of paper: $20. I bumped up my rating in honor of this lovely piece!

            Overall Rating: 8.7, no jewelry; 9.2 with jewelry.

            Comparison of final thoughts to initial thoughts: Great concept! I love the fact that the buyer can choose the type of jewelry but that the actual details of it remain a surprise. Scent on dry sniff and burned very similar. Rich, complex scent.

            Would I repurchase? This was given to me for review but I would purchase these independently. As Catherine points out, these are great mother/mother-in-law gifts.

            Disclosures: As above. I was given this candle for review but was not otherwise compensated.

            Happy candle burning!

            ~ Ann Frati

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            Author: Ann Frati

            Hello candle lovers… my name is Ann Frati and I’m absolutely thrilled to be doing reviews for Candlefind & Candle Scoop! As a big fan of everything olfactory, I love candles, melts, room sprays, lotions, butters, shower gels, soaps: basically, all of it. In general, anything with the potential for creating aroma is a product I am willing to try and will likely enjoy. Of course, candles are the core and at the “scenter” –pun intended ;)–of any scent lovers collection.

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