Flavor of The Week: Patchouli Passion

Avery’s Flavor of The Week is Patchouli Passion from Ten Digit Creations.

Patchouli is not a flavor I expect to see in a “summer scent” list.  I am a BIG fan of patchouli blends once the weather gets cool, but usually they do not even cross  my mind until  Halloween decorations hit the shelves.

Doing routine wax web-window shopping, I was checking the sites of some of my favorite vendors, and I was surprised to see that Ten Digit Creations  has Patchouli Passion as their August scent of the month.  Hmmm….patchouli?  Hot weather?  I decided to give it try and see if I had just found a way to make patchouli a year-round scent!

The description from the site is:  crushed patchouli leaves with a hint of citrus, neroli, sandalwood and musk, then drizzled with agave nectar.  There is a lot going on, maybe enough to make this scent less dark and earthy?

patchouli plant

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The tarts are in foil cups so I used one whole tart in the melter.  It was strong enough to moderately scent a medium size room and the scent was patchouli, of course, but that note was quite mild.  The neroli and sandalwood make this scent sweet, velvety and seductive.  No wonder it earned the name Patchouli Passion!

Oh yeah, I could melt this in the summer!  Perhaps not during the 90 to 100 degree days, but overall, this scent is summerworthy!  And…as it is Ten Digit Creations’ scent of the month, it is currently on sale – a good time to try it and see that patchouli is not just for Halloween anymore!

Happy candle burning ~

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Author: Avery Jordan

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