A fireplace for your table

This paraffin tabletop fireplace by Carl Mertens is advertised as an alternative to candles for your dinner table. Instead of lighting candles, you light this paraffin oil filled centerpiece and enjoy the flickering flame.


The fireplace is composed of two stainless steel tubes that are criss-crossed and designed to look like fireplace logs. The fuel source is liquid paraffin and there are two cotton wicks that you light to get the flame going. The logs are mounted on a slab of slate that is then secured on a wood (walnut) base. This sleek modern piece is part of the Gido Wahrmann collection and currently retails for ~ $629 at AllModernall-modern-carl-merten-tabletop-fireplace-close

Would you use this as a replacement for candles at the dinner table?

Photos courtesy of AllModern.

Happy candle burning~


Author: Andrea

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  1. I don’t think I would purchase a table top gadget like this one. I am old fashioned and prefer the traditional candle on my table top!!

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  2. I wouldn’t use this as a replacement for candles at the dinner table. I am in love with a gorgeous candle holder so if I had that kind of $$ to spend on candle accessories that would be what I would purchase.

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    • I don’t think I would choose this either for my table. I think it’s a bit too modern-looking for my tastes/decor.

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