DIY Project: Making Gel Candles

I must admit oooh and ahhhing over the latest Candle Spotlight Christina posted on a Watermelon Jolly Rancher Gel Candle. Then I thought…gel candles? I hadn’t bought a gel candle in quite some time. My clickety clicking fingers started surfing the internet and I ran across this article on how to make gel candles yourself. Cool!

Here’s what you’ll need to make these beautiful candles:

Item Needed Comments
Glass Container (or other suitable container) Use items from home or shop garage sales. Search for containers that will not crack and can withstand the heat.
Hot Glue
Zinc Core Wicks Avoid cotton wicks
Gel Wax I found this type of wax at Hobby Lobby and online at Cajun Candles and Nature’s Garden
Stainless Steel Pot/Double Boiler For melting wax. Never melt wax over direct heat.
Cooking Thermometer Maintain the gel wax temperature at 2000 F
Essential oil or Fragrance oil If using fragrance oil, use oil specifically for gel wax
Candle Dye Liquid dye works best
Embeds (optional) Anything non-flammable. The possibilities are endless!


One thing I learned from reading through this tutorial is that gel candles are 95% mineral oil. When I searched for the supplies needed, I saw that zinc wicks were specified. Digging further I learned that you really need those zinc wicks. Cotton wicks will absorb too much of the gel.  You can get the wicks and the other items needed from any candle supply store and many local craft stores. If you don’t want to assemble all the products yourself, look for a candle making kit that will have pretty much everything you need to get started.

Photo Credit: Candlemaking Art

Photo Credit: Candlemaking Art

I suggest reading through the entire set of instructions before you begin. That way there will be no surprises! And be sure to use gel and oils that are specifically made for gel candles.

I love the versatility of gel candles and the fact that I can custom design one myself. Perfect! Check out the full set of instructions at TLC, make yourself a candle (or two), then come back and tell us how you did.

Happy candle burning ~

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Author: Avery Jordan

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