DIY Project: Leaves Candle Holder

I’m always feel like I have two distinct personalities around this time of year. Part of me doesn’t want the excitement and unpredictability of my summers to end. Then there’s the part of me that is longing for the Fall – the weather, the colors. The sheer beauty. It’s especially difficult when stores start putting out all their Fall stuff so soon. I feel so torn!

As I was browsing the web the other day, I ran across this beautiful photo:


Now while this photo doesn’t scream Fall, it certainly got my creative juices flowing. I wanted to create something that would be perfect for the upcoming season. I found this wonderful tutorial called Glowing Leaves on I Love To Create: some beautiful candle holders wrapped in Fall-ish decor that would tickle my Fall fancy.

Photo Credit: I Love To Create

Photo Credit: I Love To Create

This tutorial called for a few items I had not worked with before. For example, the leaf design is cut out on a compressed sponge. I found these from BLICK Art Supply and I’m pretty sure they can be found in other craft stores. I also found the mulberry paper at BLICK Art Supply. The thought of me drawing my own leaves had me breaking out in hives. Luckily I found that there is a leaf pattern at the bottom of the Materials List in this tutorial.

I’m not going to spend any money on containers. I have several shapes and sizes of empty candle containers that I think will work well for this project. I’m excited to get started!

Read the full tutorial here.

Happy candle burning ~

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Author: Avery Jordan

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