DIY Project: Hand Painted Votive Candle Holders

DIY Hand Painted Votive Candle Holders - #DIY #candles #DoItYourself

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I find these hand painted votive candle holders visually stunning. And once I found out how to make them, I realized they are remarkably easy to create!

You start out with simple, cheap clear glass votive holders. These are easily obtainable at craft stores or dollar stores. You can also wash out old votive cups that you have and get them ready for this new project. One tip is that you do want to use a specific type of acrylic paint referred to as glass paint. It will hold up better under repeated use and will withstand the heat of the flames of your candles better. Take the clean glass votive, your paint and then start painting on the inside of the glass. Start with up and down streaks, then begin swirling and creating your own unique designs. I’ve also learned that you shouldn’t try too hard. Just free hand it and you will turn out a masterpiece!

Read the full instructions here on Once Wed.

Have any of you tried a similar project? If so, how did it turn out?

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