Disclaimer Statement

Here at Candle Scoop, we welcome requests for product reviews – whether it be a candle, wax melt, bath/body product, or some other product that may be of interest to our readers. We never specifically solicit reviews. If we have received a product, it is because a particular company did reach out to candle-scoop-new-reviewus, for which we are truly flattered. In accordance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, we will always disclose where we received any candle, wax melt, or other product for review. At no time do we accept any compensation for reviews. As a consumer of smell good products ourselves, we provide honest reviews with the intention of informing others in our candle community exactly what we experienced.

Just what does this mean? It means if you sent us a product to review, we are not guaranteeing a glowing or favorable review “just because.” We are going to be honest, because that’s the foundation that Candlefind and Candle Scoop are built upon. If you are reading our reviews, it also means that you can trust that the review is unbiased no matter what the source of the product.

While we try to remain as objective as possible, reviews by nature are a matter of personal opinion. You are welcome to disagree with our opinions (many have – believe me!), and we welcome your honest feedback on this blog. All reviews have a comment section and each product can be rated by our readers.

If you have a product you would like reviewed, please read our review policies and contact us at your leisure.

Happy candle burning ~




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