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Are you already thinking about summer? Start getting ready with this cute craft idea for Summer Jar Lanterns, as seen on While the project only requires 1-2 hours, the site does say that some experience with crafting is necessary. Although they show mason style jars here, I could see this as a way to recycle many types of used candle jars, perhaps without the added handles.


Here is a listing of the project details, as seen on the website:

Fiskars® toolsMedium Hexagon Squeeze Punch
AdvantEdge™ Punch Starter Set
Large Antique Lace Punch Cartridge
Hardware snip
Glass jars
Decoupage medium
Foam brush
Tissue paper
Wire cutters
Scrap paper (optional)

1. Punch several shapes from tissue paper with the medium Hexagon Squeeze Punch. Tip: Feed through many layers of tissue at once or the paper will tear. Option: Feed a sheet of scrap paper through the punch with the tissue for added support, depending on the softness of the tissue paper.
2. Clean a glass jar thoroughly & remove all labels. Add a layer of decoupage medium to the outside of the jar with a foam brush. Adhere the punched tissue paper shapes in the desired design.
3. Add a second layer of decoupage over the tissue paper layer. Allow it to dry. It will dry clear. Add final top layer of decoupage to complete.

1. Punch tissue paper with the AdvantEdge™ Punch Starter Set; add a sheet of cardstock under the tissue paper when feeding through. For very intricate designs, do not start at the edge of the paper, since tissue paper is so soft.
2. Adhere the border around the jar with decoupage medium, using the same technique as for the individual punched shapes in Jar Design 1.

1. Cut two pieces of wire with the hardware snip. Length dependents on jar & desired handle size. One wire will form the handle & one will hold the handle under the lip of the jar. Attach the handle wire to the jar & wind the lip wire tightly around it under the lip of the jar. Double-wind handle wire on each side of the jar.
2. Tip: For a whimsical look, spiral the remaining wire around something similar to a bamboo skewer instead of cutting. Double check that all wire is secure before hanging.
3. Add sand and a candle to each jar.

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  1. Cute idea! I love the look of lanterns for summer!

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  2. These are too cute! I may have to put my kids to work and have them make me these 🙂

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