Craft Idea: Martha Stewart’s Modern Blossom Mason Jars

I’m sharing another neat craft project, this one from Martha Stewart. I would think this would be a great way to decorate all sorts of jars, not just mason jars. I’m sure as candle fiends, many of us have a plain jars just hanging out, waiting on that place on the shelf.


Here’s a brief look at what’s needed and how to get started:


Martha Stewart Crafts 2oz Liquid Fill Transparent Glass Paint – Kelp

Martha Stewart Crafts 2oz Liquid Fill Transparent Glass Paint – Polar Blue

Martha Stewart Crafts 2oz Liquid Fill Transparent Glass Paint – Bluebonnet

Martha Stewart Crafts 2oz Liquid Fill Transparent Glass Paint – Meringue

Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Paint Brush Set, 5pc

Other Supplies
Martha Stewart Crafts ® Glass Paintable Cling – Modern Blossoms
Assorted jars
Brush basin or container for water
Paper towels
Rubbing alcohol
Foam plate

Jar Instructions:

1. All glass and ceramic surfaces embellished with Paintable Clings should be hand washed using a moist cloth.  Do NOT wash through an automatic dishwasher as the cling material will be removed.
2. To create bands of color if desired, use glass patterning tape to create masks then lightly spray several coats of paint using the Martha Stewart Spray Paint System.
3. Paint the flowers Polar Blue, Bluebonnet, Kelp and Meringue.
For full details of the Preparation Instructions, along with tips, be sure to read the entire article at Plaid Online. 


Happy candle burning ~

Andrea Haskins

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Author: Andrea

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  1. These jars are sooo pretty! I love decorating and organizing with jars! I just re-did my pantry. I painted the whole thing turquoise! Gasp! I know! Then added baskets and mason jars in all sizes with labels, shelf liner in turquoise and white chevron with painted letters above in red that spells PANTRY. I think it looks clean, neat and pops!!

    Thanks for sharing this post Andrea very pretty and inspiring!!

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  2. Another fun craft that I can do with mason jars or even my empty candle jars! Thanks for sharing Andrea!

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