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Company Name: Swan Creek Candle Cocandles-swan-creek-pottery

Location: Ohio

Contact Info:

  • Email: info@swancreekcandle.com
  • Phone number: 800-626-4590 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

Social Media:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/SwanCreekCandleCo

Products Offered: Container candles, pottery candles, cast iron candles, candle refills, floater candles, candle accessories and home decor.

Type of wax: Soy

What’s unique/special: Unique styles, amazing fragrances, huge selection.

Some of our favorites: Vanilla Pound Cake, Lemon Icebox Cookies, Pumpkin Caramel Drizzle, Warm Cinnamon Buns. (just to name a few)

Author: Christina

My name is Christina, editor of Candlefind.com. My love of candles began around 2003 and it was love from then on. The way candles enhance my mood and create ambiance throughout my home became addicting. I love to shop on all sites from big name brands to small mom and pop shops as well. I love it all. My favorite scents are bakery, everything lemon scented and all types of fruit scents. But, I'm open to anything given the opportunity. I hope my reviews and opinions help you along your way to finding the best candles!

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  1. I have had the opportunity to try Swan creek drizzle melts and liked them ok. I did however find them to be a little cloying…somewhat artificial. They are strong I will give them that, so you better love the scent!

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  2. I haven’t tried these candles yet. I am excited to know that they are “strong”. I like there website and find it pretty easy to navigate. I will have to check them out!

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  3. Wow! This looks like an interesting website. I love candles so much!! I am visiting Swan Creek Candle’s site now and see so many wonderful candles. How interesting, Drizzle melts? They have so many wonderful scents. I’d have a very difficult time choosing. The pottery candles are beautiful as well!!

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  4. They look a little rustic-y for my taste, but those scents sound AMAZING. I love that lemon icebox one, that sounds delish. I will have to check them out for sure!

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  5. I agree, they are a little rustic-looking. Swan Creek votives are supposed to be among the best, though. I’ve always wanted to try them.

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