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Company Name: Sage Lifestyle
Location: Los Angeles, California
Contact Info:

  • Email: service@thesagelifestyle.comSageMachado-Candles
  • Snail Mail: The Sage Lifestyle, 133 North Gramercy Place, Los Angeles, CA 90004
  • Phone: 877.698.SAGE or 877.698.7243
  • FAX: 323.938.0889


Social Media:


Products Offered: Candles
Type of wax: Blend of soy, palm, and coconut waxes
What’s unique/special: Sage Machado makes beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. All of her candles are named after gemstones. The candles come in Japanese paper jewelry boxes. Faint Candles are available, which are lighter scented versions of the main candle line.
Some of our favorites: Onyx, Garnet
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Author: Andrea

Andrea is the voice behind Candle Scoop. She is a long-standing member of Candlefind and loves all things scented. While she enjoys scents across the spectrum, she is a die-hard bakery and fresh-scent fan. She enjoys rooting out bargains and candle discounts, but she won't hesitate to pamper herself with a luxury brand. When not writing or talking about candles, she enjoys spectator sports and playing with her pups. Andrea would love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to contact!

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  1. I like the way when you go to the Sage page they refer to everything as the “Sage Lifestyle”. Very pretty candles. I really like the way they use Palm, Coconut, and Soy wax. I think that is environmentally friendly and super creative. The scent descriptions are fun, and I haven’t seen a candle company yet to use gemstones for their scent names!

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  2. The boxes for these candles are absolutely stunning. The quote on a lot of the pages is cute…”There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle.” – Robert Alden

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    • The boxes are adorable. I saw a photo where someone was using their containers for makeup brushes, pens, etc. Makes sense!

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  3. Those candles are gorgeous – nothing compares with a lux candle with stunning packaging and a great scent! Such a treat!

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