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Company Name: Lux Aromaticacandles-lux-aromatica-havanna

Location: Newport, Rhode Island

Contact Info:

  • Phone: (888) 247-3540
  • Email: info@luxaromatica.com

Social Media:

Products Offered: Artisan aromatherapy candles made with 100% pure essential oils as well as handmade bath & body.

Type of wax: Pure soy

What’s unique/special: Amazing aromatherapy luxury candles in one of a kind fragrances.

About Lux Aromatica:


We at Lux Aromatica are a husband & wife team who dreamt of a lavender farm and wonderful handcrafted fragrant delights to be offered for sale there. It was December of 2008 when several threads wove together to form the fabric of our business. When Brian coined the Latin expression for “Fragrant Light” to name our aromatherapy brand, it immediately felt right, and Lux Aromatica was founded. It’s easy to say: it just sounds like aromatic with an “ah” at the end!

Hand Crafted…

Lux Aromatica soy candles, soaps, lotions, perfumes and other aromatherapy delights are hand crafted entirely from naturally grown ingredients. Working from our home-based Rhode Island candle kitchen, Kerensa formulates the the blends for our bases from American-grown soy wax, beeswax & botanical carrier oils, and design the perfumes that scent all our VLUU L200  / Samsung L200products from essential oils.

Our ingredients have been carefully researched to ensure sustainability. While we include beeswax in our salves, lip balms and candles, our products are otherwise vegan-friendly, from botanical sourced ingredients, without the use of petrochemicals, coal-tar additives, or synthetics. Proudly made in USA.

Who they are…

Kerensa: chandler, soapmaker, lotion maker, oil painter, pirate-lore lover, runner, gardener, reader, yogini, tai chi practitioner, bicyclist, sailor, furry kid mama

Her story with candles began 18 years ago with recycling old candles into new ones. It felt wasteful to throw out the leftover wax after burning candles. Tending the slowly melting wax was a meditation, the process soothing and unhurried. Using essential oils for fragrance naturally fell into place.

Brian: gardener, violinist, amateur vulcanologist, wind power enthusiast, soapmaker, USN chief, yoga, swimmer, sailor, furry kid papa

As a military couple we’re enjoying a three-year station in lovely Newport, Rhode Island and look forward to a post-military life in which Brian can join the business full time. When available, he’s the CEO (Carry Everything Out) for shows, and as a cryogenics expert, he’s a clean freak who loves making soap, too!

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Author: Christina

My name is Christina, editor of Candlefind.com. My love of candles began around 2003 and it was love from then on. The way candles enhance my mood and create ambiance throughout my home became addicting. I love to shop on all sites from big name brands to small mom and pop shops as well. I love it all. My favorite scents are bakery, everything lemon scented and all types of fruit scents. But, I'm open to anything given the opportunity. I hope my reviews and opinions help you along your way to finding the best candles!

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  1. These candles look amazing. I have been looking for a good lavender candle as it is so soothing.

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    • Bonnie, I didn’t get a chance to try her lavender candle but I did the soap and it’s wonderful. Smells of pure organic lavender.

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  2. Thank you Christina for your post. I happen to love the fragrance of Lavender. Sometimes it can be to herbal but when it’s just right it’s really nice. I like the story on how the husband and wife team started there company. This might be a good company to try.

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    • I’m not really a big fan of aromatherapy candles but these were pretty amazing. They are a little pricy but for what you’re getting, it’s not so bad.

      I received her handmade soap in Lavender and it’s pure essential lavender oil. It smells really good so I bet the candle would be wonderful.

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  3. I love the look of these jars! I usually burn candles to scent the house, not sure why I haven’t done aromatherapy candles, and lavender would be right up my alley.

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    • Stacie, you would love pretty much all her scents. Havana was incredible!! When I get another one, I want you to smell it. There is nothing like it.

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  4. I am impressed that they created those complex-sounding scents with essential oils! Ice Mint and Evergreen sound like great scents.

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    • Hi Christy, thinking up the names is part of the fun! Usually the fragrance happens first and then I’m asking myself and anyone else around, “What does this smell like?”

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