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Company Name: Er’go Candle

photo credit: http://www.ergocandle.com/home/?page_id=122

photo credit: http://www.ergocandle.com/home/?page_id=122


Location:  Texas

Contact info:

Website:  http://www.ergocandle.com/home/?page_id=122


Er’go Candle

4396 Sunbelt Drive

Addison, TX  75001


General information, comments, inquiries:  (800) 286-4092

Fax: (214) 905-9075

Email:   Ergo@ergocandle.com


Social Media:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ErgoCandles

Products Offered: Luxury jar candles, single note and blended fragrances.

What’s unique/special:    Er’go Candle uses pure soy wax, essential oils and cotton paper core wicks.  These candles are eco-friendly and highly scented.

Some of our favorites:  The Solo collection is a favorite featuring single note fragrances.  Check out Currant Currant or Hydrangea. 

Here are a few Candlefind reviews of Er’go Candle.

Er‘go Candle – Truffle, Monkey Grass, Birch

Er’go Candle – Tangerine

Er’go Candle – Enlighten

Author: Julia Wooten

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  1. I’ve never heard of Ergo Candles before. One of my favorite flowers is Hydrangea so I can’t seem to think of a better floral fragrance for a candle to try. The candles look organic and colorful at the same time. Soy wax and cotton core wicks sounds like a winner. Have any of you notice, that a lot of the candle companies are in Texas?

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  2. I would love to try the tangerine one. I know I have been interested in trying this brand for a long time. For anyone who has tried them what is your favorite scent?

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  3. I have never heard of this candle brand before. The boxes are cute though makes for nice gift giving.

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  4. That packaging is so adorable! and the scents sound super yummy too. I will have to take a look at their candles and put some on my wishlist!

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