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Company Name: A Cheerful Giver

Location: Elmer, New Jerseya-cheerful-giver-candles

Contact Info:

  • Address:
    300 Front Street
    Elmer, NJ 08318
  • Phone: Toll free 1.888.CHEERFUL or 856.358.7750
  • Email: keepers@acheerfulgiver.com

Social Media:

Products Offered: Manufacture over 1,100 products including jar candles, pillar candles, fragranced melts and candle accessories.

Type of wax: Paraffin

What’s unique/special: Gorgeous and unique candles and pillars in a plethora of styles and sizes.

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Author: Christina

My name is Christina, editor of Candlefind.com. My love of candles began around 2003 and it was love from then on. The way candles enhance my mood and create ambiance throughout my home became addicting. I love to shop on all sites from big name brands to small mom and pop shops as well. I love it all. My favorite scents are bakery, everything lemon scented and all types of fruit scents. But, I'm open to anything given the opportunity. I hope my reviews and opinions help you along your way to finding the best candles!

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  1. Christina thanks for this review! I’ve heard of A Cheerful Giver before but never actually visited their website. Wow! They have some really beautiful stuff! All their candle accessories are gorgeous! They have really great sounding scents and several candle styles to choose from. I see on their web page they sell wax melters but, I couldn’t find the wax melts for sale. Not really sure if all they sell then are candles and wax accessories.

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  2. This is the first time hearing about this company so I briefly checked out their website. The pumpkin jars and snowman jars are really cute.

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  3. I’ve never heard of them, but I love how their jars look! Super cute – and their scents sound great too!

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