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Company Name: Bluewickbluewick-candles

Location: California

Contact Info:

Phone: 626 282 2664
Email: Contact page

Social Media:

Products Offered: Conceived over fourteen years ago by soy wax candle pioneer Art Maruyama, the Bluewick brand specializes in glam chic home fragrance products.

candle-Sweet_Pumpkin_Deco_Tin-bluewickType of wax: Apricot Wax – link to more info on this exclusive wax.

What’s unique/special:

  • Beautiful and unique luxury candles.
  • Exclusive apricot wax
  • Large selection of collections and fragrances.

Some of our favorites: Tamarind, Quince Blondwood, Amber Sandalwood, and Lemon Rosemary


Candlefind review:

White Lime


Author: Christina

My name is Christina, editor of Candlefind.com. My love of candles began around 2003 and it was love from then on. The way candles enhance my mood and create ambiance throughout my home became addicting. I love to shop on all sites from big name brands to small mom and pop shops as well. I love it all. My favorite scents are bakery, everything lemon scented and all types of fruit scents. But, I'm open to anything given the opportunity. I hope my reviews and opinions help you along your way to finding the best candles!

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  1. Ooo apricot wax sounds interesting and that jar pictured above is gorgeous! The favorite scents listed above sound interesting, I need to check out what tamarind smells like. 🙂

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    • It does sound interesting. I have a few Bluewick candles I need to burn but I think only a select are Apricot wax. I need to read up on it more.

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  2. I like the screw on lids on the jars there is just something about it that is appealing to me. My local grocery store carries their candles which makes them accessible for me to purchase.

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    • Bonnie… your grocery store carries Bluewick candles? You lucky girl!! I would love to be able to smell their candles before purchasing.

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  3. I have never heard of Blue Wick candles. I too like the screw on lid idea. Sometimes if the glass lids are not on all the way when you pick it up CRASH!!! Yeah glass everywhere. Can you tell it’s happened to me before? I like the idea of APRICOT WAX. This is new to me!

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  4. Yeah, I noticed the apricot wax. Sounds like it might be similar to soy. I’ve never tried Bluewick before.

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  5. I have a Bluewick citrus vanilla I got off Rue La La, can’t wait to burn it. They have a lot of yummy sounding seasonal scents right now!

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