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Though it’s been years since I’ve lived in Texas, each spring day makes me think of bluebonnet season all around the Lone Star state.  After all, it is the Texas state flower.  This annual showy display of wildflowers along the roadways and fields is a spectacular sight to behold.  The season is brief and many people search for the very best sightings.  Like autumn leaves in November,  timing is everything and since bluebonnets are inherently wild flowers, locations can change whimsically each year.  For those on the hunt, there is even a website called Texas Bluebonnet Sightings that is dedicated to spotting the brightly colored fields of blue.

Though I live far from Texas now, I can still bring part of that bluebonnet beauty and mystique to my home with a Hill Country Bluebonnets scented candle from Circle E. Candles.  Located in the heart of Texas hill country,  I consider them the resident expert in recreating this unique wildflower fragrance.   

Circle E. Candles offers a wide variety of candle sizes and scents.  They’re best known for their square shaped glass jar candles.   The candle I am burning today is a double wicked 28 ounce square jar.  The jar is clear glass with a heavy, sealing glass lid.  The wax is a beautiful pale sky blue making this candle a delight for the eyes as well as the nose.  hill_country_bluebonnets_detail

Here is the description Circle E. Candles provides for Hill Country Bluebonnets.  “Nothing is more spectacular than a drive through the Texas Hill Country when the bluebonnets are in full bloom. Vibrant blue colors speckle the beautiful hillsides. It’s breathtaking. Fresh, cool spring air twirls around the essence of a spring bouquet of flowers. Now you don’t have to live in Texas to enjoy the beauty and scent of bluebonnets!”

It’s a cool spring day here and I’ve got several windows opened.  The scent of bluebonnets dances around the room following the breeze.  This is one of my favorite seasonal scents.  It’s one I have saved for just the right day, and today is that day. The scent itself is a mildly sweet bloom with fresh airy notes.  It smells like more than one flower in this bouquet hinting of orange blossom and gardenia.  I don’t know what makes up the scent, officially.  I’m just noting what my nose smells.

The candle is burning well.  The two wicks are placed in opposite corners of the square jar.  The wick placement is helping the jar obtain a full melt pool early on, although the two corners without the wicks still have a bit of unmelted wax clinging to the edges.

Visit Circle E. Candles for this and other fresh/floral candles.  There is no better way to celebrate springtime than with a brightly lit candle.  Let’s welcome the new season in style.  Happy candle burning.


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  1. This candle sounds lovely and is really a pretty candle. My sister and her husband lived in Texas for 7 years and my husband and I had the opportunity to visit them several times. The Bluebonnet flowers are very sweet indeed!

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