Candle Spotlight – Gothic Drip Pillars from Blue Moon Candles

Candle spotlight this week – Gothic Drip pillars from Blue Moon Candles.

One of my favorite sites to browse and follow is Blue Moon Candles. The owner (Lisa Kasper) is the queen of gothic and supernatural and her work is simply AMAZING!! You can see her creativity come to life which each candle she creates so when Halloween comes around, oh boy are you in for a treat. Her candles are literally works of art and her packaging to go with each themed candle is equally stunning. Nothing is spared so the candle you receive down to the box and tissue it’s nestled in matches the whole theme she’s woven.

Blue Moon’s Gothic candles are a perfect spotlight pre-Halloween. Here is what  Lisa’s says about her “Gothic” candle line:blue-moon-Black-Purple gothic candles

If you are like me, and will only like Black until they make something Darker…then this is the page for you! I have always loved black…it is mysterious, sexy & sophisticated. I love Black Gothic Candles too! Black isn’t just for Halloween anymore! In fact I have been told this very week that I am a *gasp* Black-a-holic!

Here at Blue Moon Candles we take color seriously, even when it is the absence of all color! Our Black Candles are the Blackest you will find…all the way through! 

We are the Original creators of pre dripped pillar Candles. Our Gothic finish reminds me of a candle that has been burning all night in a dark castle window somewhere. And of course all of our Candle Shapes, Styles and Fragrances are available in Black!

Perfect description! These candles are the color black of course (unless you specify otherwise) and are available in a variety of fragrances with links to scent descriptions listed below:

Gothic Fragrances
Pyrate Fragrances
Spring & Summer Fragrances
Best Selling Fragrances

Blue Moon CandlesSizes and pricing available are as follows:

3X4 – $19.95
3X6 – $25.00
3X9 – $33.00
3X12 – $43.00
4X6 – $42.00
4X9 – $52.00
4X12 – $62.00
6X6 – $65.00

These candles are great to simply showcase or burn and are utterly giftable.  I don’t get a chance to order from Blue Moon Candles as much as I’d like to but boy do I admire every candle that is created and listed on this site. I love the whole “mystical and supernatural” themed products and think they are perfect for Halloween. Definitely  check them out!

Happy candle hunting!

Christina Rylan





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