Candle Spotlight – Chambord (French Raspberry Liqueur) from Seductively French

Candle spotlight this week – Chambord Scented Candle (French Raspberry Liqueur) from Seductively French candle-Chambord-Seductively-french

I seem to be sticking to luxury themed candles for Valentine’s Day spotlights. Maybe because they’re so luxurious and pampering. What candle lover wouldn’t want to get one of these beauties from their honey? I know I would! Forget flowers and chocolate – give me a candle!!

Seductively French is a new company we recently reviewed and I must say… I’m drawn to this site… it’s beyond gorgeous and so well designed… it’s a pleasure to just window shop. Every candle they carry could have held the spotlight but I decided to choose something a little different and not related to roses or chocolates. Chambord won the day.

Here is the scent description for Chambord:

This candle fragrance conjures up the original French liqueur, which combines red and black raspberries and citrus peel, sweetened with exotic vanilla and honey. The hazy memories of the one too many Chambord induced nights awaken with this intoxicating candle. Burn with caution to avoid (or encourage) another one of those unforgettable evenings. The hand poured wax, kissed with a touch of lavander color, is formulated with the finest soy and paraffin waxes blended with rich fragrant oils to emit ambrosial bliss.

Sounds totally up my alley and on the complex side. But I won’t know till I smell one.

Fine details on this candle:

  • Size: 8 ounces
  • Type of wax: Blend of natural soy and paraffin waxes
  • Price: $45
  • Burn time: Unknown

I look forward to trying this candle as well as a few of their others. They are just too gorgeous and tempting.

Happy candle hunting!

Christina Rylan





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