Candle Spotlight – An Apple For My Teacher from Gold Canyon Candle

This weeks spotlight – “An Apple For My Teacher” from Gold Canyon Candles.

What an ADORABLE candle and such a unique gift to give your child’s teacher with back to school just around the corner. It may cost a tad more than a real apple… okay, a LOT more candle-gold-canyon-an-apple-for-my-teacherbut how cute and perfect?!?!

Scent description from Gold Canyon Candles site:

“Sweet. Tart. Juicy. Notes of Apple, Lemon & Sandalwood.”

I have no idea what this candle smells like since I’ve never purchased or smelled it. I can only go by the picture and scent description. I bet this is a yummy and tart apple scent… like a crisp and sour green apple… that’s how I’m imagining it.

I think this is a great idea for any candle company to create as a special teachers gift. I’d certainly buy it for my son’s teachers.

Priced at $19.98

A bit about Gold Canyon Candles – this is a demonstrator based company so if you want to purchase this candle or any of their others, you have to through a Gold Canyon demonstrator. It’s easy though, if you don’t have one already, go to Gold Canyon’s website and you can find one easily enough through their easy online steps. From there, you’ll be taken to a demonstrator’s website where you can shop away.

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