Candle Scoop Reviews: Sweet Potato Pie Tealights, North Wood Candle Company

Northwood Candle Company, Sweet Potato Pie

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Northwood Candle Company, Sweet Potato Pie





      Scent Strength


        Scent Throw





            • Sweet, strong smell
            • Clean burning


            • Small; need more than one for throw
            • Simple appearance

            Rich candied yams, marshmallow cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar, and a splash of citrus zest all on top of a fresh baked crust. Delicious!

            Candle Size: About .75 each (approximate; I used two)

            Type of wax: Soy

            How Used: Tart melter with 40 watt bulb (I removed the wax from the tea light container)

            Where Burned: 10×12 room

            Initial Thoughts/Cold Sniff: Sweet, rich, yummy bakery type scent. More gourmand than veggie.

            FUN FACT: Sweet potatoes are similar to carrots: both are root vegetables which are packed with carotenoids and vitamin A.

            Rating Breakdown:

            • Packaging/Presentation: These tea lights feature a clear, plastic cup: thick quality plastic. In this, the white wax fit quite snuggly and there is a tabbed wick. I opted to burn two in a melter because in general I find tea lights are too small to support a strong throw. I removed the soy wax from two of these and placed in a melter. The appearance was very simple and “pure”, maybe a little too much for me (though this is personal preference). The clear plastic cup was also quite simple, though thick and higher quality for plastic. Overall, simple and adequate.
            • Scent: I loved this! I could smell the sweetness of the potato as well as the graham cracker-like scent of a crust. There was a light touch of spice: cinnamon? Nutmeg? I’m not sure but it added a nice touch of spice and complexity. I could bite right into this Thanksgiving dinner reminiscent scent.
            • Scent Strength: This was a moderate to strong strength scent, when two were used in the melter. The scent penetrated the surrounding area well; I was aware of a genuine sweet potato pie burning in most of the room. The strength was just about right; though I’ve smelled stronger brands of this scent, this was on the stronger side.
            • Scent Throw: Quite good. I used two, which I find augments the throw when a small amount of wax is used: two of these were about the same size as a typical tart cup. The room was nicely scented, as if I were cooking a pie, but it wasn’t overwhelming.
            • Performance: Definitely better than average. I could smell this all day and the next, though it was lighter on the second day. Impressive overall.

            Comparison of final thoughts to initial thoughts: A pleasant surprise! A great scent both ways, but stronger when burned than I had expected after just a cold sniff.

            Would I repurchase? Yes

            Disclosures: I did receive this product for review. I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Please read our Disclaimer Statement.

            Author: Ann Frati

            Hello candle lovers… my name is Ann Frati and I’m absolutely thrilled to be doing reviews for Candlefind & Candle Scoop! As a big fan of everything olfactory, I love candles, melts, room sprays, lotions, butters, shower gels, soaps: basically, all of it. In general, anything with the potential for creating aroma is a product I am willing to try and will likely enjoy. Of course, candles are the core and at the “scenter” –pun intended ;)–of any scent lovers collection.

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            2. Haven’t tried this company, but the tealights sound fabulous! I burn LOTS of scented tealights!

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