Candle Scoop Reviews: Caramel Crunch Wax Melts, The Frosted Candle Company

The Frosted Candle Company, Caramel Crunch






Scent Intensity


Scent Throw





  • Strong, sweet scent
  • Realistic scent


  • Simple clamshell appearance

Sweet and savory, this caramel popcorn scent will have your nosebuds stirring! This scent is more sweet than salty and is very smooth. So queue up the movie because your snack is ready!

Melt Size: 3 ounces

Melt Type: Clamshell

Type of Wax: Paraffin-Soy wax blend

Where Melted: 12×15 room

How Melted: Electric bulb warmer with 40w bulb (3 cubes used)

General: This sweet and buttery gourmand-type scent was strong and yummy! This was a very realistic scent I highly recommend for lovers of this food, gourmand scents, and strong scents. 

FUN FACT: Caramel is made by boiling any number of sugars very slowly. The key to making caramel well is the speed of heating the sugar: this must be done slowly!

Rating Breakdown:

  • Packaging/Presentation: These clamshell-style melts came in the typical clear hard plastic package. A sticker with a picture of a bowl of caramel corn in an oval shape was on the front. The name of the company and scent were prominently printed above the picture. The wax itself was a medium brown color, in keeping with the name/product. The colors coordinated well: many shades of tan/brown on the sticker and as the wax color. Other than that, I found this a little plain: standard clamshell packaging, a fairly simple picture, and standard solid wax.
  • Scent: A wonderful, very realistic caramel popcorn scent filled the room within an hour. Delicious! The scent was buttery, sweet: definitely in the gourmand category. It also somehow smelled warm, as if it were being freshly made. Yum!
  • Scent Intensity: This was a strong scent overall. I wouldn’t say it was the strongest scent ever but definitely squarely in the strong category. Not for the faint of heart, especially if strong buttery or food scents aren’t your thing. I like strong scents, so this was great for me!
  • Scent Throw: The throw was better than average. I could smell this throughout the room though it didn’t really extend beyond that into adjoining open rooms.
  • Longevity: These are advertised as having a burn time of up to 8 hours. I got about that to a little over: maybe 10 hours or so of scent. Quite good and as or better than advertised.

Comparison of final thoughts to initial thoughts: I would purchase this myself. Great gourmand scent!

Disclosures: I did receive this product for review. I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Please read our Disclaimer Statement.

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Author: Ann Frati

Hello candle lovers… my name is Ann Frati and I’m absolutely thrilled to be doing reviews for Candlefind & Candle Scoop! As a big fan of everything olfactory, I love candles, melts, room sprays, lotions, butters, shower gels, soaps: basically, all of it. In general, anything with the potential for creating aroma is a product I am willing to try and will likely enjoy. Of course, candles are the core and at the “scenter” –pun intended ;)–of any scent lovers collection.

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  1. YUMMMMY! I want to try these!!

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  2. I know I would love this sweet scent!, yum! Thanks for the great review! Will have to try Frosted candle company.

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