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I’m not really sure how I was introduced to Brandon’s Candles, but I’m super glad I did. This Etsy shop belongs to a 13 year old young man who decided to make his hobby his business. Brandon of Harleysville, Pennsylvania, started making candles in November of last year and then blossomed onto the Etsy scene. His reviews are consistently good, and he continues to add product and available scents to his store.

I was fortunate enough to try two of his products – a package of tealights in the scent Raisin Scone and a clamshell wax melt in the scent Vanilla Cupcake. Yum and yum! The tealights came as a package of 6, neatly sealed together. The clamshell wax melts had a cute label on the front that depicted lots of yummy cupcakes. All identifying information was included making it easy to know what was what and from where.

Brandon's Candles Soy Candles - #soycandle #BrandonsCandles #Etsy #CandleScoop #candles

The tealights performed flawlessly. The wicks on these were rather long, so I did end up trimming them before burning. I was amazed at the burn time on them – I easily got 6 hours from each. I do not burn a lot of scented tealights, but I did group a set of four to burn. I was pleased by the scent they gave off and think they would work well in small, contained spaces. The other two I used in a wax warmer. It was easy to remove the wax from the little cups (I pulled by the wick), and I placed these little bundles of wax in my bulb melter. The scent itself was very good – a nice, bready scent with hints of butter.

Brandon's Candles Soy Candles - #soycandle #BrandonsCandles #Etsy #CandleScoop #candles

The Vanilla Cupcake wax melts were super scrumptious. These wax melts were all about the sweet. I loved the sweet, buttercream frosting scent with just a hint of actual cupcake. The scent was enough to fill my medium sized room with mouth-watering goodness. I used 3 cubes at one time and enjoyed the scent for hours (bulb melter, 40W bulb). I put the other 3 cubes on in the morning before I left for work. When I returned hours later, I could still smell the delicious scent. Pretty good!

Brandon's Candles Soy Candles - #soycandle #BrandonsCandles #Etsy #CandleScoop #candles

The tealights sell for $4 for a 6 pack, and the clamshells sell for $4 also. Very reasonably priced for these soy products. Overall, I am very impressed with Brandon’s Candles. This motivated youngster makes a solid product and should be able to grow his business easily.

Happy candle burning ~

Andrea Haskins

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  1. I, as a long time candlemaker, find this story wonderful. Kudos to you young man!!

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  2. Haven’t tried these but a Vanilla Cupcake, yummmmmy!!

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  3. Youngest person with a candle co that I’ve heard about!

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  4. On your way! Keep up the great work!

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  5. This is great to hear! I will have to try his candles. Thank you for introducing us to his store!

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  6. Beautiful candles…well done…thanks…..

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