Candle Review: Vanilla Nutmeg, Stella Mare

Stella Mare, Vanilla Nutmeg
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Review Summary:

A good vanilla scented candle but not enough nutmeg.

stella2This is another candle company that I have wanted to check out for quite awhile! Stella Mare is a company I have noticed in my local department stores for a few years. A trademark of Pacifica, Inc., (a favorite!!), this line is available in pillars, votives and 5 oz. soy wax glass containers.

I chose the container candle in Vanilla Nutmeg. Two reasons – I love to check out scents that sound a little different, and nutmeg seems like the right thing to be burning in autumn! It is my warm up for eggnog season!
The Stella Mare Boxes are very artistic, pretty enough that they are hard to throw away. The candles are clean: natural wax, clear glass containers. The box was, and usually is, my selling point for these types of candles! (I looked at the website and this scent is not listed right now – the line looks like it is the preparing for spring already! The website also is informational, not a shopping source.)

Even so, this scent was easy to find in several of the stores that carry this brand. I don’t buy many vanilla scents because I have a little trouble smelling some of them. It is a bit of a gamble when I light up – and I am very happy when I can actually smell them!
Right now, I am very happy! The cold sniff is pretty much vanilla. And burning? I don’t really think of nutmeg when I smell this one, but I smell a very buttery creamy vanilla – did you read the part where I said “I smelled”?? Yessir! This one works for my fussy nose.
The candle burned perfectly – no picture needed as it would be rather boring! Just be sure to trim the wick as is customary to prevent carbon nubs.
Would I buy more? Absolutely! At the pricing running between $6.99 to $9.00 at the stores I where I shop, it is going to be easy to swing by the candle aisle and pick up a couple more!

Happy candle burning ~

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Author: Avery Jordan

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  1. Wow, I love the sound of this candle, Nutmeg! Yummy! It sounds so perfect for fall. I also love the box. It’s very original and colorful. The box would catch my eye for sure. Love it!!

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    • I’ve never seen these candles, Amy, but I agree – pretty box/packaging. And the scent sounds good!

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  2. That sounds delish! I think I’m burning (ha) myself out on fall cinnamon type scents, this sounds like it would be a nice change of pace. I love nutmeg scents 🙂

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    • Amy,
      I don’t really like to melt/burn seasonally for that very reason…I get “burned out” too quickly (pun intended). I’ve been reviewing several fall-ish scents, but I’m ready to lighten it up a bit.

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  3. I love BBW nutmeg and clove and I think I would love this candle too. Im going to have to pick one up. thanks for this article!

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    • Avery always finds some of the neatest candles! I’m on the lookout for this one now and I’ll have to try Nutmeg & Clove from B&BW. Thanks, Rebecca!

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