Candle Review: Sleepy Hollow Dancing Glass Candle, WoodWick

WoodWick Candles, Sleepy Hollow Dancing Glass Candle
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Review Summary:

A beautiful Halloween-themed candle that makes for a great display with a crackling sound. The scent throw is minimal.

I’m finding myself getting in the mood for Fall, with Halloween being no exception. What more perfect time than Fall to enjoy the crackle, crackle sound of a WoodWick Candle from Virginia Candle Company. I purchased this Sleepy Hollow Dancing Glass candle jar from The Lampstand, but I also see it available on the Virginia Candle Company’s website.

It is a super cute purple glass candle with Halloween themed pictures etched into the candle. The wax was an off white with the signature wick in the middle. The cold scent throw on this candle is fairly light but pleasing – it smelled slightly woodsy/outdoorsy to me with musk notes. Here’s the scent description:

A ghostly blend of midnight air, haunted woods, and glowing amber.sleepy-hollow-dancing-glass-candle-woodwick

I love the sound of a WoodWick candle when it’s burning! There is something soothing and comforting about it. Add the beauty of a “dancing glass” pattern and it was pretty special. Check it out below:


Cute! The scent throw? Not so great. I smelled some of that woodsy smell and probably some amber. Nothing really spook-tackular, but I still enjoyed this candle. I probably wouldn’t repurchase this candle for myself but it would make a neat gift to add to a gift basket for someone.

What are your favorite Halloween scents?

Happy candle burning ~


Author: Andrea

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  1. Disappointing to hear about the scent throw on this candle. They make really cute Halloween candles and saw some pictures of cute holiday candles. (Think the polar bear and penguin are really cute.)

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    • The jar sure is pretty. They’ve had good reviews elsewhere, so I might try another seasonal candle just in case.

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