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Are you looking for a product review? Please consider Candle Scoop in your quest to be reviewed. Read below for more information and how to contact us for a review. *** PLEASE NOTE: At this time, review requests are being accepted for this blog only (Candle Scoop). The website is not accepting any new review requests through December 2015. All information below pertains to reviews on Candle Scoop.***
Here is a little bit of information regarding our reviews:
  • All review requests are subject to approval. We do accept reviews for all types of products, but they must be products that would be of interest to our readers. We review candles, melts, bath/body products, scented household products, and any accessories that pertain to the above. A product does NOT have to be scented in order to be considered for review. As long as it is relevant in some aspect to our readers, we will certainly give it consideration. We have the right to refuse a request if it is not appropriate for our readers or if we are under other time constraints with other review requests.
  • Our reviews are honest and unbiased. Please do not expect a glowing review just because a product was sent. We write our reviews from a consumer perspective, so we feel it’s important to mention the good, the bad, and the ugly. At the same time, we will not give a product a bad review simply because we did not like a scent. We know that individual scent preferences vary, and we attempt to simply describe the scent to our readers. Please take some time to peruse our many other reviews to get a feel of what we look for in a product and how we describe various scents.
  • If you are testing out a product line and want our own private opinion, we would be happy to oblige. Private reviews are just that – private. We will not post a formal blog review, but we will let you know (via email) what we personally think. If requesting a private review, please include the following information in your email subject heading: Private Review Request – Company Name.
  • We will never, ever accept any compensation in exchange for a review.
  • When requesting a review, all timeframes are approximate. We are living, breathing people with full time jobs and families and hey…life happens! Also be aware that we test products from beginning to the end, so testing times can vary depending on product. We feel this gives our readers a better view of the products, and we do report on the various stages of use in our final review. If we made a commitment to review a product for you, rest assured we will do just that. We will do our absolute best to stick to our guesstimated turn around time, but please keep the above in mind. If it looks like there will be an extraordinary delay, we will contact you to see how you would like to proceed. We are always happy to return an unreviewed product at our expense if that is your preference.
  • Once a review posts, we also post the same information on several of our social media outlets. More pub for you!
  • All requested reviews include a disclaimer. That lets our readers know that we did receive the product for review. However, they are used to our unbiased reviews whether a review was requested or not.

What’s next?

Ready for Candle Scoop to review your product? Here’s what to do:

  1. Contact us via email or use our Contact Us form. Please include the following information in your email: Company name, website URL, and a general idea of what you would like reviewed. If you have any specific timeframe requests, please let us know that with the initial contact. (If you are requesting a private review, indicate so in your email subject line as mentioned above.)
  2. If we are interested in your product (and we are able to meet any timeframe expectations), we will respond back with our introductory email that outlines the entire process, step by step. Allow up to 48 hours for a response. If you haven’t heard from us by then, you might want to drop another email, as we do lose some email amongst the SPAM. If you haven’t heard back after a 2nd attempt, it is safe to assume your product was not a fit for our blog/readers.
  3. Once you have received our introductory email, take some time to read it over and ask any questions you might have. The email contains LOTS of information, but we’ve planned it that way to hopefully cover most of the bases upfront. Within that email, you will be given an approximate review timeframe. Please note, a mailing address is not included until we hear back from you and finalize the request.
  4. If you already have our mailing address (from a prior review), and want to send additional products for testing, please drop us an email to ensure that we will be able to accommodate your request in a timely fashion. If you do send product without prior approval, please be aware that we may not be able to get to your review for several months. (Sorry – we are booking up fast!)

We know there are many review sites out there, and we are thrilled you are considering us to review your product. We look forward to hearing from you!



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