Candle Review: Raspberry Peach Macaron, Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works, Raspberry Peach Macaron
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Review Summary:

A sweet and tangy fruit-based scent with just enough almond cream to make this candle lean toward the bakery side. One strongly scented candle!

Raspberry Peach Macaron, Bath & Body Works

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The ultimate French cookie is celebrated in a unique blend of ripe raspberries, juicy peach and almond cream

Candle Size: 14.5 ounces

Stated Burn Time: 25-45 hours

Where Burned: Room sizes 6′ x 6.5′ and 8′ x 9′. Large open living space.

Great For: Summer; Large spaces; Those who love fruity scents; Kitchen

Comments: This scent is currently offered online in the mason jar and 1.3 ounce size. I purchased this 3-wick online.

Would I repurchase? Yes. I loved this one so much, I would even purchase it at the increased $22.50 price.

Rating Breakdown:

  • Packaging/Presentation: I like the look of the Sweet Shop candles. This 3-wick candle had a feminine pink label with a stack of three colorful macarons on a dessert dish. The scent name and company name were clearly displayed. The words ‘Raspberry Peach’ were in an all cap font and smaller than the word ‘Macaron,’ which was in a deep pink font. The lid was silver and had a small label in the center: “Bath & Body Works Spring St. Sweet Shop.” The wax was a pastel pink color and the wicks were well-spaced but a bit shifted to one side. 4.5/5
  • Scent: Oh my goodness – I was in love with this scent! It was a sweet, fruity scent that I thought opened with bright raspberries. Tangy and sweet and yum. The peach was sweet and not that noticeable overall. I only caught whiffs of it every now and again. The almond cream is what made this scent a little creamy and kept it from being too sweet. I thought it also helped make this more cookie-like. Overall, I found this more as a fruity type scent than a bakery one, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. 5/5
  • Scent Throw: Super duper scent throw. This candle was way too powerful for the two smaller rooms I had it in. I moved it to my open living space and it was fabulous. It completely filled the lower level of my home and I could smell it  wafting upstairs as well. 5/5
  • Performance: This candle burned well. It developed a full wax melt pool in a very short period of time. The melt pool was even and deep. The wicks kept great medium size flames that were easy to maintain. I had no wasted wax with this candle and it burned for approximately 35 hours. 4.5/5
  • Customer Service (if applicable): Very fast shipping. Nothing arrived broken. No problems with this order. 5/5
  • Overall rating: 5/5 (Technically 4.8 but rounding up because of scent throw.)

Disclosures: None. I purchased this product myself.

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Happy candle burning ~

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  • Deliciously sweet scent with enough tanginess and creaminess to avoid being too sweet
  • Great scent throw


  • Increased price for 3-wicks
  • 3-wick currently not available online

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  1. I have this one in the mini, haven’t burn it yet though

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  2. One of the best smelling candles I’ve had. Wish Bath and Body Works would bring it back and keep it. LOVE it!

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