Candle Review: Pink Lemonade Punch (Smile), Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works, Pink Lemonade Punch (Smile)






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  • Delicious, sweet scent


  • Price
  • Fast burner

A blend of pomegranate seeds, sparkling lemons & ripe raspberries, sure to make you smile!

Candle Size: 14.5 ounces

Type of wax:  Exclusive blend of vegetable wax.

Stated Burn Time: 25-45 hours

Where Burned: Room size 6′ x 6.5′

Initial Thoughts/Cold Sniff: This smelled sweet and lemony to me on cold sniff.

FUN FACT: Smiles have been categorized into 19 different types by researchers. The types include social, genuine, and loving, among many others!

Rating Breakdown:

  • Packaging/Presentation: This was the 3-wick tumbler candle style from B&BW. The label had the company name and scent name clearly displayed. The label was pink and white and the lid was gold with a textured feel. The bottom of the candle housed the typical warning label with the scent description (Love!). The wax was a soft pink color and there were 3 thin wicks inside. Very cute!
  • Scent: This scent was pretty good – it was very sweet and syrupy. It had some tart fruitiness to it (from the raspberry/pomegranate) with quite a bit of sugary sweetness.
  • Scent Intensity: This scent was on the lighter side.
  • Scent Throw: This was the tale of two candles. During the initial burns, I was able to smell this candle in the room it was in and just down the hallway. At that point and time, the melt pool  was medium sized. I did have this candle burning later in the week and actually left it longer than I was planning. That turned out to be a good thing, because the melt pool was very deep and the throw was much better. I was smelling it on out into my kitchen area without a problem.
  • Performance: I obtained a full wax melt pool in a relatively short period of time. The candle had an even burn and I never noticed any black sooting, even after I had let it burn too long. About halfway down, I thought I was going to end up with drowning wicks. The wicks struggled, but they popped back to life during subsequent burns. The candle burned down without any wasted wax. I was able to enjoy this candle for approximately 42 hours.

Comparison of final thoughts to initial thoughts: I found that this scent smelled very much the same cold as it did burning. The scent strength on cold sniff was a little deceptive – the scent intensity was stronger than I thought it would be based on cold sniff alone.

Status of the jar: Heading to the local recycling center.

Would I repurchase? Yes

Disclosures: None. I purchased this product myself.

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Happy candle burning ~

Andrea Haskins

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Author: Andrea

Andrea is the voice behind Candle Scoop. She is a long-standing member of Candlefind and loves all things scented. While she enjoys scents across the spectrum, she is a die-hard bakery and fresh-scent fan. She enjoys rooting out bargains and candle discounts, but she won't hesitate to pamper herself with a luxury brand. When not writing or talking about candles, she enjoys spectator sports and playing with her pups. Andrea would love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to contact!

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  1. This sounds sweet and yummy. I’ve enjoyed the candles in this line so far: my “Happy” smelled like daisies and I loved it! I also love the combo of cherry and lemonade: these scents both pack a powerful punch.

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  2. This is def. a scent I would love to try and with the semi annual sale of $10 candles, this is going to be a purchase for me. Thanks for the review Andrea!

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  3. Presentation




    Scent Intensity


    Scent Throw




    I am so glad to hear that this candle met the grade. I find with B&BW’s candles it can hit or miss. I haven’t tried this yet, but if it is available online, I will definitely purchase it when there is a sale. Thanks for such an in-depth review.

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